Ah, the joy of a new Apple product. Beautifully minimal packaging, a shiny new screen, a camera that’s not scratched like crazy, and so many new features! It’s all good until you realize all of your speaker docks and chargers are rendered totally useless. Well, we can’t do anything about the chargers (yet?), but thanks to Auris, there is a way to make sure your speaker and alarm docks stay relevant.

Auris is a teeny tiny device that acts as a Bluetooth-based music receiver enabling you to wirelessly play, listen, and control music from any Bluetooth-enabled device through your music dock. If you’re moving to Android but still have an awesome sound system made for iPhones and iPods, now you can still use it!

Even if your iPhone or iPod fits your dock, it’s great to be able to connect to speakers without docking, especially if you’re expecting texts, emails and phone calls. Or if you just really want to play Angry Birds while listening to Grizzly Bear.

Like any genius gadget these days, Auris is looking for funding over on Kickstarter. Most of the early backing options are sold out, but you can still get an Auris for $30 if you pledge quickly.

The Auris is available in Arctic White or Piano Black, and works with any dock that has a 30-pin docking station. It is powered off of the docking station and super handy if you’re headed to a friends’ house and want to play DJ for the night.

What other small devices can make old tech useful again? Sure, speaker docks aren’t really “old tech” but they will be soon enough. Talk to us in the comments below or come say hi on Twitter.