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So, our bangs seemed like a good idea when Katy Perry was rocking them, right? But we didn’t take into account the texture of our hair. Flyaway. The fact that the wind would blow them in our face. And so often. How soon we would tire of sporting the same old look, day in and day out. And, OMG, nothing prepared us for the great frustration of growing them out! What to do? Here are 15 ways to wear your hair while your bangs grow out.

Adopt a new style. Have fun with it and style them differently every day of the week.

Slick them back. After you get out of the shower, apply gel to your wet hair and let it dry naturally.

Sweep them sideways. Changing your part might help, especially if your bangs are layered. This will spread some of the longer strands across the top, making your bangs at least look longer.

Pin some up. This also works great for layered styles. Pin the top layer back, allowing the lower layers on the sides to blend into the longer tresses.

Iron them straight or curl them back. If your bangs are long enough, curl them back. In between, iron them back — throwback Farrah-style. If they are too short to sweep back, applying a hot iron will pull them down straight, perhaps lengthening them just enough to be able to twist and pin.

Accessorize. Have fun with pins, barrettes and bands. Create small twists and pin them randomly. Wear tiny pony-tails. You’ve got the attitude to pull it off!

When you’ve tried all of the above, but your hair is saying “no deal,” grab a hat. Seriously, it’s just one day — and isn’t that what hats are for?

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