You and your fringe had a great fling, but now it’s time to part ways. We’ve helped you master the classic styles for growing out your bangs, and now we’re back with more. Whether you’re well on your way to saying goodbye — or you’re considering cutting new bangs — here are 15 chic styles to prove that transitioning doesn’t have to be a downer.

1. Gel It Back: For a polished yet fun and unique look, grab your hair gel, and opt for a slicked back ‘do like Tavi Gevinson. For extra hold, you can give your bangs a spritz with hairspray, because those hairs need to be kept in place! (via Nylon)

2. Pulled Back Top Knot: Depending on how long your bangs are, pulling them back into a topknot is a good option. If you need to bobby pin some hairs back, cover them up with a hair bow that compliments your outfit. The messier, the trendier! (via Louise Roe)

3. Chevron Bobby Pins: Turn your hair struggle into the main attraction of your look by using different colored bobby pins to hold your tresses back. If you’re feeling a little extra, you can even place them in a cute chevron design. Adorbs! (via Cosmopolitan)

4. Flower Crown: Depending on the occasion, you can totally get away with hiding your bangs with a flower crown. Whether it’s your wedding, a spring event, or a photoshoot, it’s a seriously beautiful way to keep mid-length bangs out of your face. (via Etsy)

5. Mini French Twist: There will be absolutely no pesky hairs flying around in your face after you style up a tight, mini French twist like this. You can even incorporate some little flowers or baby’s breath to make this look a bit more polished and elegant. (via Elle)

6. Glam Accessories: The first step to having fun with any ‘do? Just add a bit of sparkle. Layering and contrasting accessories takes hair clips from youthful to glamorous. (via Her New Tribe)

7. Messy Bangs: Experiencing growing pains? While they’re still just short enough, take inspiration from bang royalty Alexa Chung. Opt for a middle part and add tons of texture. (via Vogue)

8. Headband Tuck: Consider this the quick and easy DIY bang disguise. This style works best with day-old hair and will take less than five minutes to recreate. (via The Freckled Fox)

9. Head Scarf: This style is a two-for-one, not only can you tuck away your bangs, but you can add a splash of color to your #ootd. Pair with tousled waves and secure with bobby pins. You’re ready to go! (via Hair Niche)

10. Braided Bangs: Braids are the go-to summer style. The best news yet? They’re a piece of cake no matter what length your bangs are and the options are endless. (via Sortrature)

11. Mix Up Your Part: Tired of pulling and pinning bangs back? Change it up with an angular part and straight locks. Starting from the front and center, simply part to an extreme angle and blow dry towards the back of your head. (via Zimbio)

12. Tuck and Pin: Camouflage long bangs with a side-swept look. Add texture to bangs by teasing, then back-comb and pin under voluminous waves. (via Bobby Glam)

13. Half-Up With Volume: Not afraid of heights? Tease at the crown and pin into a half-up half-down look for quick and sexy style. (via Istavares Blog)

14. Side Twist Fishtail Braid: Fishtails are our friends. Inspire #hairenvy with this twist and braid, we promise that it’s easier than it looks! (via Running on Happiness)

15. Blow Dry the Perfect Side-Sweep: With this technique, you can pull off a loose and casual style each day you wash. All you’ll need is a round brush, a blast of heat and a touch of hair spray. (via Moda Mob)

16. Comb Over Twist: Ready to get daring? This super-cute look is just bold enough to hide your fringe while making a statement. Tease, comb forward and twist over the top of the ear. (via Byrdie)

17. Geo Accessories: When you’re growing out your bangs, bobby pins are both your best friend and worst enemy. Spice up the routine by tricking out your pins and using them to create fun geometric shapes. (via Brit + Co.)

18. Fishtail Braid Updo: When that summer wedding rolls around, you can mirror this darling updo to tuck back your bangs. It’s perfectly undone for a laid-back yet formal look. (via Elle UK)

19. Twist Out: We get it, center parts can be a bit intimidating. Ease up the edginess of a harsh part by twisting bangs back, and add waves for an even softer touch. (via Brit + Co.)

20. Tucked Away Braid: Chic doesn’t get much simpler than this. Double the charm of your braided bangs by perfecting these flat iron curls that blend perfectly. (via The Small Things Blog)

Have more ideas to get away with growing them out? Share your hair hacks in the comments!