Of all the decisions parents-to-be have to make, choosing a baby name is one of the most difficult. We know you’re searching high and low for a creative baby name that has meaning and feels right. As major color lovers, we think if you’re looking for a creative source of inspiration for your babe’s first or middle name, you should take a look at the color wheel. We’re sharing our fave gorgeous names derived from rainbow hues.


Girl Names

1. Jade: Name your bundle of joy after the precious green stone that symbolizes wisdom, clarity, and courage.

2. Violet: We’re not surprised that it was one of the top 10 names of 2014. This purple-hued name is a perennial choice for a reason: It is beautiful, classic and feminine.

3. Scarlett: If you’ve always loved Gone With the Wind, this rich red-derived name should make it to the top of your list. It’s an Old Hollywood name that is luxurious and elegant.

4. Cerise: Here’s a unique and internationally inspired name. Cerise is a deep reddish pink and is French for “cherry.” Trés jolie!

5. Hazel: This earthy green-brown shade is the name of the courageous heroine in The Fault in Our Stars. It’s perfect for a strong and smart girl.

6. Clementine: This darling name was a popular choice over a century ago, but we’re predicting this citrus hue will be making a big comeback.

7. Sienna: Not only is Sienna the name of a quintessential Tuscan city in Italy (spelled Siena), but it also makes an equally beautiful girl’s name.

8. Blue: Take a cue from Queen B and Jay-Z and name your shining star Blue.

9. Coral: Looking for a name that will have your daughter on the road to #girlboss status? This feisty shade of pink is neither saccharine nor delicate.

10. Poppy: Here’s an energetic and spunky name that is majorly popular across the pond.


Boy Names

1. Gray: Who knew that a neutral color could make such an awesome boy’s name? The variation Grayson is also a great one for your baby boy.

2. Sterling: Say hello to a dashing name inspired by a metallic shade and the world’s top animated spy.

3. Hunter: This shade of green is the perfect preppy name for your little one. If you’re hunting (pun intended!) for a traditional name, this might just be the one.

4. Teal: Looking for a unique name for your son? The name Teal will be sure to turn heads.

5. Jasper: This name is charming and old-school. We bet he’d be the only Jasper in his kindergarten class.

6. Garnet: A much bolder variation of Garrett, this rich maroon color has a regal feel to it. It would also make an amazing middle name.

7. Rust: Give your little man this rugged name, or go with Rusty for some Southern flair.

8. Forest: If your happy place is the woods, think about naming your son after the outdoors. Forest green is a classic color that evokes visions of evergreens and log cabins — flannel onesies optional.

9. Ash: Ash is often short for Asher or Ashton, but it would be just as cool on its own.

10. Moss: This name is a fresh take on nature- and color-inspired names. It’s unique without being outlandish.

What are your favorite color-inspired names? Hit us up in the comments!