Need some interior design ideas? Fear not! We’re experts at digging through the Internet to find dazzling rooms to help you inspire you. Whether you’re looking for a new paint color, the perfect furniture accent or your next DIY project, here are some vibrant colors to spice up your space. Time to replace that drab decor!

1. King Crimson Living Room: Red is bold and beautiful, don’t you think? We love it as an accent color, and it’s perfect in this utterly mod living room. (viaGroovexi)

2. Fire-Engine Red Chairs: Bring some heat to your breakfast nook with a coat of paint on your plain ol’ chairs. (viaHomedit)

3. Playtime in Poppy: This kids’ room is red-y for anything and pretty much amazing. (viaMucho Reciclaje)

4. A Tangerine Dream: Go for a groovy mid-century mod look with a shag rug and some vintage gadgets! (viaFounterior)

5. Coral Concentration Zone: This coral makes us want to play hooky and get outside. Complement it with bright, colorful accents, like this green chair and handmade paper mobile. (viaInside Homes)

6. Dining Room With Kumquat Chairs: These muted green-grey walls look amazing next to a set of orange chairs. And the light fixtures in this space are divine! (via The Socialite Family)

7. An Inspired Workspace: Grab the bull by the horns and go for a bold yellow wall. (via Design Sponge)

8. Sunny Sitting Room: This classy interior looks like it came straight out of a Wes Anderson film. (

9. Lovely in Lemon: Your splash of yellow need not dominate your walls. We are obsessed with the high contrast in this decor. (viaDesign Build Ideas)

10. Electric Yellow: Just a bit of painter’s tape and you can achieve this bold line effect. Some comic book art would fit in quite well in this room. (via Emerald Green Interiors)

11. Garden of Eden: Accents like potted plants and these yellow vintage light fixtures make a muted room pop. (viaTuiwoa)

12. Kiddie Sanctuary: Talk about the best color for a children’s art room. And we love those adorable animals on the wall. (via Eenig Wonan)

13. Carpenter’s Den: This manly space features an incredible homemade bed frame. Talk about avant-garde! (via Trendland)

14. Easy Being Green: Don’t be afraid to play around with patterns and textures. Make your own wall design, then add a bold piece of furniture. (viaLiz Marie)

15. Marvelous Mint Stenciling: It may be last year’s Pantone pick, but we’re not ready to let go of our favorite springtime color. Check out this kitchen, dotted with mint-colored sparrows. We smell our next DIY project! (via Evolution of Style)

16. Sky Blue Accent Door: This dreamy door makes us want to go cloud gazing. (viaThieves Market)

17. Adding a Warm Accent: Deep blues and greens look amazing with a pop of yellow. (via Sulia)

18. A Symphony in Blue Neutrals: This room perfectly captures that Mad Men, mid-century look. Wouldn’t you agree? We’d enjoy this with a nice Old Fashioned. (via Sulia)

19. Berry Blue Kitchen: A bright blue accent wall pairs stupendously with neon accessories like those pink stools. Swoon! (viaOne Kin Design)

20. Playful Palette: This interesting paint treatment could be your next pet project! (via Color Gypsy)

21. Pleasing Purple: Maps make the most amazing wall accessories. This breakfast nook makes us feel like we’re explorers, home from our latest expedition. (viaSweet Little Street)

22. Ladylike Lavender: This room is so bright and airy, we could work in it all day. The textiles are especially pleasing. (via Planate Deco)

23. Enchanting Indigo: Don’t forget indigo! We love the way the wall is coordinated with the tapestry blind over the window. (viaLynn Chalk)

24. Violet Va-Va-Voom Room: We can’t tell what we like most about this room — the chevron flooring, the wall designs… Oh yes! It’s the disco ball. (via Loftenberg)

25. Pretty in Pink: No space for a rose garden? Take your floral fantasies indoors. (via Adorable Home)

26. Powder Pink: Everything about this delicate space is gorgeous! Vintage chairs go from shabby to chic with a coat of paint, and that leaves you dough to splurge on accent pieces like that upcycled table or those light fixtures. (via The Apartment)

27. Midnight Bathroom Break: Black isn’t just for gloths anymore. The right art can make it a lively shade! (viaDesign Sponge)

28. Classic White: White walls do not have to color a space sterile. This dining room is spruced up with deep neutrals, plant life and a frame cluster. (via Horyaalada)

29. Rainbow Cabinets: A colorful palette in an otherwise pristine space makes your kitchen go from drab to fab! (via It’s An Awesome Idea)

30. Patchwork Glory: Let’s take one last moment to admire this incredible Brazilian thatch hanging chair, and the colorful patchwork interior around it. (viaFounterior)

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