Finding the perfect name for your soon-to-be bundle of joy can be a long process. If you’re having a hard time narrowing down your choices, or even knowing where to begin in the first place, we’ve got just the list to get you started: Your DVR list and Netflix queue. Let’s take a look at these baby names from the silver screen (and a few from the plasma one in your home, too).

1. Olivia: Seriously, think of how cute your baby will look in its little white hats and luxe wrap coats. Automatic #Girlboss from the womb. (via ABC)

2. Tristan: Yes, Legends of the Fall is a certifiable tear-jerker. But Brad Pitt’s wild-at-heart character has a pretty enviable ‘do and a great name. (via IMDB)

3. Carrie: Naming your baby after a television icon doesn’t sound like such a bad idea, especially one as iconic as Carrie Bradshaw. (via HBO)

4. Noah: Sure, Noah is a timeless, classic name and yes, The Notebook was TECHNICALLY a book before it was a movie. But you know who we think of when we hear it. (via Pyxurz)

5. Briony: This pretty, unique name plucked from Atonement is just unique enough and people might not even know where it came from. (via IMDB)

6. Fitzgerald: Okay, forget the bad boy Prez and think about how adorable (and versatile as your little one becomes a big one) the nickname “Fitz” really is. (via ABC)

7. Samantha: Talk about iconic. Just looking at this picture makes us want to search Netflix for every Brat Pack movie we can find. On the name front, we love how many options the name Samantha provides. Sam, Sammy, Samantha. They’re all good. And we also won’t stop you from naming your little boy Jake Ryan. (via ABC)

8. Forrest: He may need to withstand a few “Run, Forrest”s in his day, but this distinguished name is like a box of chocolates — delicious (?) (via Huffington Post)

9. Felicity: Felicity Porter, ‘90s symbol of hopeless romanticism and youthful angst. Despite her oversized sweaters and that haircut in season two, we’re pretty big, huge, ginormous Felicity fans. And we have a special place in our hearts for her name too. (via Fanpop)

10. Milo: No, he’s not human. But he’s still pretty darn adorable. (via EW)

11. Shoshanna: Shosh is everyone’s favorite Girls gal, right? (via HBO)

12. Max: Or Mad Max, if you prefer, although for the purpose of naming children we’ll leave off the adjective ’til the terrible twos ;) This character, and his name, are memorable additions to the growing list of baby names you’ll soon sort through. (via Cinema Blend)

13. Amélie: Cute and quirky, this French heroine has a name we’ll gladly position at the top of our list. (via Screen Musings)

14. Elsa: So when *she* wants to dress up like Elsa for Halloween, she’ll have an edge above the rest. (via Disney)

15. Theo: Hello, is it Theo you’re looking for? Face it, your little one will have some seriously sweet sweater style if you crown him with the eldest Huxtable son’s moniker. (via Huxtable Hotness)

16. Sloane: The ultimate cool girl — though we know your little one won’t be a sidekick ;) (via Fogs’ Movie Review)

17. Cory: It’ll be like TGIF in your home every day with this name that’s, admittedly, a seriously choice name for your future son. Or daughter, if “Topanga” isn’t your cup of tea. (via Screencrush)

18. Piper: True, Piper is actually the name of a real person who wrote a book, which was made into a show that’s not even technically on TV, but, yeah. The name Piper still rules. (via LA Times)

19. Flint: More like, cloudy with a chance of super cuteness. (via Columbia)

20. Dora: A-dora-ble. What else can we say?! (via NickJr)

So what’s your pick? Did any of these TV and film inspired names make your cut? Let us know in the comments!