Back to school shopping is, of course, an integral and important part of the new school year. Once you鈥檝e got all your supplies ready to go, you can鈥檛 forget to sharpen your style as well. It just so happens that the Brit + Co Shop has a fantastic selection of tees, bags, jewelry and accessories that will seriously amp up your school-bound wardrobe. From Instagram-worthy tees to sweet hair accessories, here are a few we give an A+.

back to school style 16

1. Party On! Excellent! Tee ($55): Even when you鈥檙e in class, you can show off your love of a good party with this Clashist tee.

back to school style 7

2. Dakota Necklace ($68): In addition to looking absolutely gorgeous, this necklace provides a week鈥檚 worth of meals for a child in need.

back to school style 12

3. Convertible Bootie Pack ($132): This bag is AWESOME. Instantly convert it from a tote to a backpack for all your on-the-go needs.

back to school style 2

4. Girl Talk Bobbi Set ($15): Sure, school is serious, but your hair accessories don鈥檛 have to be!

back to school style 4

5. Dragons Den Nail Wraps ($12): Channel your inner Daenerys Targaryen, Mother of Dragons, with these scale-pattern nail wraps.

back to school style 6

6. Fruit + Veggie Ankle Socks ($11): Patterned socks like these are sure to make a statement peeking out under pants.

back to school style 8

7. Arc Ring ($20): Great for stacking, this ring will give you the perfect amount of subtle bling.

back to school style 3

8. Geometric Rule of Thirds Cap Sleeve T-Shirt ($26): Mega style meets comfort in the form of this geometric tank.

back to school style 1

9. 03:48PM Pink Watch ($39): You鈥檒l always be on time with this watch 鈥 seriously, it鈥檚 so pretty that you鈥檒l never stop looking at it.

back to school style 11

10. Adventure Makeup Bag ($20): Make every day an adventure! Store all your necessities in this cheerful makeup bag.

back to school style 13

11. Paso Necklace ($46): This is begging to accent that new chunky turtleneck.

back to school style 5

12. Everyday I鈥檓 Hustlin Baggu Duck Bag ($50): Let 鈥榚m know you mean business with this tote.

back to school style 9

13. Bizi Bangles: Set of 3 ($36): How cool are these?! Even cooler 鈥 all profits go toward educational programs for the talented women who crafted them.

back to school style 10

14. Sorry I鈥檓 Late T-Shirt ($24): It happens sometimes.

back to school style 15

15. Aviator Mirror Lens Sunglasses ($10): Protect your eyes with these stylish sunnies (that look remarkably familiar to Chrissy Teigen鈥檚 sweet shades) in blue, gold or red mirror.

Get out there and really kill it this school year. Good luck to #girlbosses everywhere!

Which of our selections are you gonna snap up for back to school? Share with us in the comments.