Think you've got the chops to design clothes for fellow fashionistas? Do you watch Project Runway and furiously take notes on sweet ways to alter and update existing garments? And do you have a bit of a weakness for ModCloth's retro-chic sense of style?

Then you're gonna fall head over heels for Make the Cut, ModCloth's private label collection made up almost entirely of designs submitted and selected via ModCloth's Facebook page.

The contest was announced in November with winners including aspiring fashion designers, professional costumers, and high school students from all over the country. And now, those garments are finally available for purchase on ModCloth's site!

Each design has gone through extensive development, from selecting fabrics to construction samples and creating dress patterns for each and every piece.

The finishing touch of each garment is a custom ModCloth Make the Cut tag with the designer's name included!

We have to admit, we're totally impressed at how true to each original design ModCloth has managed to stay with the actual pieces, and we're super pumped to see more installments of Make the Cut in years to come.

In addition to 7 original user-submitted designs, ModCloth cofounder Susan Gregg included a few of her own creations to be included under the Make the Cut label. Pretty excited to add a few of these to our spring and summer shopping list!

This isn't the first time ModCloth has embraced the crowdsourcing mentality. Their Be the Buyer Program has pioneered a whole new flock of fashionistas who get to voice their opinion on hundreds of designs before ModCloth manufactures and sells them.

Yay for ModCloth! And yay for user-generated creativity! Will you enter the next Make the Cut challenge? Which of these user-generated designs is your favorite? Give us a shout in the comments below – we love to hear from you.