One of our favorite times of the year is upon us — spring break! A five day getaway to somewhere warmer gives us hope that this winter WILL end. If you don’t have the chance to slip away for a couple days of vitamin D (sorry to rub it in), bookmark this page for summer or set up a fake beach scene in your apartment. And if you are heading to the beach, find some baggy old tees lying around and save some space in your beach bag for these bad boys.

Over Sized T-Shirt Cover-Up


Now who doesn’t have extra baggy t-shirts lying around? From old BF tees to the weird oversized freebies at fairs, everyone’s got to have a large tee that is ready for some new lovin’.



– XL men’s t-shirt

– Iron-on letters


– scissors

– pen

– iron


1. Cut collar and sleeves off of the t-shirt.

2. Create a one-inch fringe along the sides of the shirt then cut the side seams.

3. Pull the fringe to create strings and tie the pairs together.

4. Lay out your punny beach phrase and iron the letters on.


Time to turn this over-sized t-shirt into a cute cover-up! Cut off the sleeves and neckline. If you are nervous about cutting these shapes freehand then grab an old tank and use it as a stencil.


This shirt is VERY wide – let’s trim it in with some fringe. Cut a one-inch fringe along the side seam of the shirt. Then cut the seam to separate the fringe into two. Pull the fringe to create strings and tie the front and back pieces together. The tighter you tie them, the narrower the cover-up.


Iron-on letters are so easy to use! Choose your favorite pun, iron it on and you’ve got a witty typography tee.


Sing it Miley: Every single day, I’mma do my thing.

Maxi- Skirt Beach Cover-up


Need a cute beach cover-up ASAP?! Well this DIY is for you. Get ready for it — there is NO sewing involved and it can be made in under 15 minutes.



– maxi skirt

– fabric paint

silkscreen stencils

 – scissors

– paint brush

– pen


1. Place a tank top right under the band of the skirt and trace.

2. Cut off the band of the skirt and the lines you just traced.

3. Tie the straps of the tank top together. Trim the bottom if the cover-up is too long for your liking.

4. Use the stencil to create your favorite beach pun. Paint in the stencil using fabric paint.


Grab an old tank (remember this favorite?) and use it as a stencil to create straps for your dress.


Cut off the band of the skirt and then cut the arm lines you just traced. For the neckline you will want a deeper “U” shape in the front than in the back.


Tie the straps together to create your cover-up. That’s it! No sewing AT ALL!

“Beach please, I’m fabulous!”


Basic Sewn Cover-up


Don’t freak out! This cover up is SEW easy and you get complete bragging rights for making it.



– 2 yards of jersey fabric

– bleach pen


– measuring tape

– sewing machine

– scissors

– pins

– pen


1. Use the measuring tape to find the length of your cover. Measure from your collar bone to above your knees. Fold the fabric in half so the distance from your fold to the edge equals your measurement. Ours was 33 inches. Fold the fabric in half again (lengthwise)

2. Grab an old tank and trace the arm and the neckline. Create a diagonal line from the armpit line to the bottom edge of the fabric.

3. Pin and sew the sides together.

4. Use bleach pen to write your favorite beach pun.


Fold your fabric in half to measure the length of your desired cover-up. Ours measured 33 inches. (This measurement is the distance from your collar bone to above your knee) Then fold in half lengthwise.


Use an old tank to trace arm and neck lines. Create a diagonal line from the armpit line to the bottom edge of the fabric.


Cut it out! Remember you will probably want a lower “U” shape in the front of your cover-up then in the back.


Pin the sides together and sew. You won’t have to sew the straps since they were created on the fold. Score!


Bleach pens are amazing! Pro tip: Remember that they bleed. I made my letters a little too close together. The amount of time to let the bleach sit varies on the type of fabric. After about 20 minutes you should probably rinse the bleach off.


Will you be jet-setting somewhere for spring break? Make us jealous in the comments below. Bonus points for also including your favorite (best) beach pun!!