As we just got done telling the boys, scarves aren’t just a winter accessory. In fact, some of our favorite pieces are made for spring: those silky, airy, lightweight ones that feel more luxurious than layer-heavy. And those scarves aren’t just reserved to be tied around your neck. They can also be used to top off your look… literally. We’re taking four spring scarves every girl has in her closet — a twist scarf, a square scarf, a pashmina and a blanket scarf — and showing you how to tie them up into headpieces you can wear all spring long. Scroll through to learn some easy ways to twist and tie your way to a new signature warm-weather hairstyle.

Twist Scarf


This made-for-lazy-girls scarf can hold its shape thanks to a wire fixed inside of the fabric. That means a cute, retro-feeling style is literally one twist away! (Psst, you can pick up this very one right here in our Brit + Co Shop!)

Step 1: Wrap + Tie


Place the center of the wired scarf on the lower part of the back of your head and wrap the ends up and around to the center of your head. Once the scarf is positioned, twist the ends together to tighten. Keep twisting until you are only left with a couple inches of fabric on the ends.


It’s a too-cute look perfect for a day date.

Square Scarf


We don’t know about you, but we’ve got stashes of these silky squares in our closets. Whether they were hand-me-downs or thrift store scores, here’s an easy way to guarantee they won’t collect dust all spring long.

Step 1: Fold


Fold the scarf over onto itself until you create a band between four and five inches wide.

Step 2: Position Off Center


Place the scarf on your head so that one side is slightly longer than the other.

Step 3:  Double Side Knot


Add a double knot to one side of your head and let the ends hang down.


Along with flares and fringe, it’s an easy way to nail the ‘70s revival trend.

Pashmina Scarf


You’ve probably worn this style of scarf over your shoulders at a wedding or under a light coat in the spring, but never thought about how to take your styling up a notch. Here’s how:

Step 1: Fold, Center + Wrap


Fold the scarf lengthwise, creating a band that between four and five inches wide. Center the scarf so the ends are even, then wrap the pieces around the back of your head and pull them back up toward the top of your head.

Step 2: Knot


Wrap the ends of your scarf until you have a good six- or seven-inch to knot with. Tie into a few knots to secure it in place.

Step 3: Tuck Ends


Tuck the leftover pieces of fabric underneath the main band of the scarf.


It’s a look made for spring break cabanas. Or even hot days around the house when you want your hair completely out of your face.

Blanket Scarf


You’ve used your mondo scarf in place of a kimono at the beach and at the park, but as a quick hair accessory? Trust us, it can be done :)

Step 1: Towel Tie


Fold the oversized scarf in half. Then — you know how you tie a towel around your wet hair after a shower? Do that! Except take the part you twist and position it slightly off-center.

Step 2: Split Ends


Split the ends of the scarf into two sections.

Step 3: Wrap + Side Tie


Wrap each section around your head. Once the ends meet at the lower side of your head, tie them together.


Coachella, here you come!

There are countless variations you can DIY to make any and all scarves work as a hair accessory. Don’t feel limited to just these! I figured out these styles by playing around and just seeing what felt right. Use this as an inspiration, but feel free to think outside the box. My rule of thumb: If it makes you feel good… ROCK IT!

What are your favorite headscarf looks? Share links in the comments below.