Beatrice Fischel-Bock, CEO of Hutch, may have founded an interior design app, but she still faces the same design dilemmas we mortals do. Recently, the CEO (and 2018 Forbes 30 Under 30 honoree) wanted to revamp her Spanish-style LA bungalow but didn’t have a lot of time to do it. So she turned to the app she cofounded, which combines 3D technology and online shopping, to virtually redecorate her home. And in just about one week (yes, you read that right), her place had a fresh new look that was clean and elevated. Scroll through to check out her very quick, and very stylish, home makeover.

Fischel-Bock wanted a design that complemented her Cali-inspired home. “My goal was to create a space where I could relax and unwind,” the CEO says. She began by uploading a picture of each room to the app. Then she applied the Hutch filters to get inspired, as well as mix and match different styles and products until she had virtually assembled a room that fit her vision.

For her bedroom, Fischel-Bock wanted high style that didn’t skimp on comfort. Using the Petite Boudoir Bedroom style as her guide, she incorporated neutral linens, textured elements, and interesting accents. And the focal point of the room — the fab wall art collection — can be credited to both the app and her family heirlooms. “I’ve picked up art throughout the years from my travels and visiting local flea markets. My mom is an artist, so some personal pieces of hers are mixed in as well. I used Hutch to find the newer art, and mixed and matched styles and mediums to give the wall a collected feel,” she says.

For the communal space, the Collected Feminine Living Room style helped Fischel-Bock create an area that was both pretty and put-together. Working with patterned pillows, throws, and accent decor, she was able to dress up her seating arrangements and surfaces. Next, she scattered books, plants, and frames around the room as small statement pieces. The final item, a textured woven rug, made the entire ensemble feel curated, but totally livable.

Thanks to her app’s swipe, shop, and filter functionalities, Fischel-Bock’s light and airy home came to life in just a couple of days. We call that major motivation to download Hutch (free on iOS) STAT.

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(Photos via Dustin Walker for Hutch)