It may seem intuitive, but as we age, our home decor tastes evolve with us. That inflatable chair or hamburger phone we once thought was super cool has since been replaced by, well, more elevated things. Modsy, the online home decor service, decided to dig a little deeper into what home styles Millennials love and why. The highlight of their data collection? Millennials are crazy about a style featured on one of the biggest television hits of recent years.

The Netflix era is actually a thing, so it’s no surprise the mid-century styles you binge-watched on the show Mad Men are now being seen in your living room. According to Alessandra Wood, Design History PhD and Director of Style at Modsy, the AMC hit influenced why millennials love the mid-century-modern trend. But that doesn’t mean decor-minded young adults aren’t putting their own spin on it. Millennials are mixing it with minimalist elements, eclectic pieces, or industrial accents to make it feel more relevant.

But it’s not just what’s on the television that’s influencing home decor buys. With millennials preferring to live in cities, smaller apartments and condos have replaced the traditional home. Nowadays, a mid-century, minimalist aesthetic helps a “shoebox” apartment look way bigger than it actually is. That’s because, by nature, mid-century furniture feels more open and less bulky. Or, as Wood puts it, “It’s known for being livable.”

Whether you’re trying to make your space something Don Draper would approve of, or you’re just trying to be practical in a big city, you’re not alone in your decor tastes — and that’s supported by cold, hard data.

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(Photos via Modsy)