As a college student, you’ve got a lot on your plate, like deciding which classes to take, dealing with intense professors, vibing with your new roommate (fingers crossed!). On top of all that, you have to deck out your dorm room in optimum style on a tight budget. Good news! There’s now an app to help make you a dorm decor queen.

Hutch (free on iOS and Google Play) lets you play around with room decor “filters” including Malibu Luxe, Scandinavian Summer, and Tropic Glam. The filters are curated by a network of designers and provide tips for making your space seem bigger (and way more stylish). The app even recommends accessory and furniture items to purchase based on your individual style and at no cost to you. If you like the picks, you can order them right from the Hutch app, which is perfect for people who love shopping from the comfort of their own couch. #guilty

In about as much time as it takes to swipe right to the cutie in your hall, you could swipe through tons of curated room filters, pick your fave furniture items, and design your dream dorm room, all from your phone.

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(Photos via Hutch)