In the world of skin woes, those annoying little white bumps (caused by oil secretions and dead skin cells that clog pores and block pore openings) that pop up from time to time are the grossest. Any attempt at concealing them gives your face that whole Hersey’s Cookies & Cream bar look (ew!), and you KNOW you aren’t supposed to pick them. So, what to do?!


We’ve got the step-by-step game plan for how to safely take these bumps down.

Step 1: Soak Towel in Warm Water

Take a clean face towel and run a corner of it under very hot water for about two to three minutes. You can also soak the corner of a face towel in a bowl of hot water. Note: Just don’t soak the entire towel, as it will become uncomfortable to hold on to.

Step 2: Place Towel on the Face

Next, place the wet hot corner of the towel directly onto the whitehead. Let it sit for several minutes. We recommend holding the towel in place while watching about five to 10 minutes of your favorite TV show just to let it soak in nicely.

Now go check in the mirror — BAM! Your whitehead be gone, girl!


Tell us, will you be trying this latest skin-fix quickie?