There’s a lot to love about being an adult. You can go to bed whenever you want, eat dessert for dinner and watch way too many episodes of OITNB in one sitting. But there’s one sad element to growing up: sleepovers with your BFFs are few and far between. But on a rare occasion, it’s possible to get some QT with your bestie by pairing up as roomies. So we were pretty pumped when we heard that JoJo Fletcher, our favorite bachelorette and Bach contestant Becca Tilley were living together when it was reported by US Weekly last week. But unfortunately, it looks like that may not actually be the case. We caught up with Becca while at Beautycon LA last weekend who set the record straight.

4th Annual Beautycon Festival Los Angeles

While walking the “pink carpet” at the beauty convention last weekend we chatted with Becca about her friend and the current Bachelorette JoJo. She told us, “JoJo doesn’t need any advice. I’m so proud of her and how she’s handling everything. She’s been so graceful and compassionate and I just think she’s handled herself so well.” But are they having late night heart-to-hearts as roomies? It doesn’t look like it. Becca tells us, “I’m not her roommate! She was just visiting me for four days. I wish she was my roommate but she’s not.” Ah, well. We can still dream, right?

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(Photo via Tasia Wells/Getty)