Do This Braid Before Bed and You’ll Have the Best Second-Day Hairstyle
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Do This Braid Before Bed and You’ll Have the Best Second-Day Hairstyle

Who doesn’t love scoring a two-for-one deal? Seriously, there’s nothing better than the satisfaction that comes with getting the most bang for your buck, and the same goes for hairstyles that we get a ton of life out of. This gorgeous braid I’m showing you how to DIY is my new favorite two-day hairstyle. With all of your hair gracefully pulled out of your face, it’s perfect braid to rock at the gym during your first workout of 2016. You can also sleep on it (once ample dry shampoo is applied) and wake up with pretty waves in the morning. The best part? This lazy girl-approved + workout-friendly ‘do works on gals with all types of hair. So throw on your sneaks and set your alarm back a few minutes, all thanks to this style.


Part your hair into two horizontal sections near your lower crown — you will end up with a top and bottom layer. Take the bottom layer of your hair (it’s the one that’s closest to the nape of your neck) and brush it to one side; you’ll be focusing on the top layer for now. With your uppermost layer of hair, begin creating a classic fishtail braid, crossing two strands over one another from side to side.

Once you have reached the bottom of your first fishtail, secure it with an elastic band. Now it’s time to fatten your braid up by using the pancaking technique — just lightly tug on each plait so it widens the braid. To finish your look, create a second fishtail braid with the remaining hair underneath the one on top.


Let’s take this braid to the next level. Tuck the bottom braid into your upper braid. This technique looks super pretty during the day and keeps your hair from getting tangled while you sleep or work out — consider this the hair gift that keeps on giving.

We love how this style drapes elegantly over the shoulder for a playful, romantic vibe — perfect for work or day wear —yet it’s out of your face enough so that you can wear it to the gym. It’s rare that you find a hairstyle that would look as good with a cocktail dress as it would on a tennis court. Once you’re done working out, spray your roots with dry shampoo and work some into your braid and tips by pancaking it a bit more.


At the end of your day rocking this ‘do, just sleep on it! You’ll wake up to tangle-free, gorgeous waves — done and done.


Good morning, glamazon! How did you wake up with such fab hair ;) Now, all that’s left to do is add a touch of lightweight mousse for extra bounce and flaunt it your day-two ‘do.

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Hair by Maritza Buelvas

Photography by Jennifer Coffey

Model Veronica Gutierrez