While small living can be cozy, it can also be inconvenient. And when it’s your turn to host the party, the bed becomes a major seating area because that’s what takes up the most space. The solution: Get that huge piece of bedroom furniture off the floor with a loft bed. Whether you’re looking to open up your studio space or make an already tiny bedroom seem bigger, these 16 loft beds are here to bring your small space decor to new heights… literally.

1. Closet Loft: You’re probably wondering how you could live in a space like this. But putting the bed on top of the closets makes an easy solution to teeny tiny living. (via Frenchy Fancy)

2. More Bed Space: Whether it’s several kids or you and your roommate, putting a bed up high makes room for another bed below. That equals more space for everyone. (via SF Girl By Bay)

3. Cabin Loft Bed: Have you ever seen a loft bed as cool as this? Your child’s room will become the envy of every kid in the building with this cabin-like retreat. (via Oeuf)

4. Roped Loft: If you’re worried about your kiddos falling off in the middle of the night, try creating a barrier with rope that will look cool and get the job done. (via Apartment Therapy)

5. Cabinet Loft: Oddly shaped rooms need brilliantly odd pieces of furniture, like this loft bed that makes a gorgeous sleeping/storage space with cabinets underneath. Bonus points if you paint ’em a bright, fun color. (via Bloesem)

6. Pull Down Loft: You could always craft a loft that goes up and down like this Mad Men star. That artsy piece of wood on the wall also doubles as a headboard. Mind. blown. (via Dwell)

7. Climbing Wall Loft: Trust us — if you trade in the ladder for a climbing wall like this one, your kids will be begging you for bedtime. (via Apartment Therapy)

8. Office Loft: By putting your mattress in the air like you just don’t care, you’re free to create a cozy workspace underneath. And we bet you were wondering how you were going to fit a full-size desk in your apartment… weren’t you? (via Planete Deco)

9. Low Loft: Even getting your mattress a few feet off the ground will give you that extra space you need. What a perfect place for record storage, right? (via June Letters Studio)

10. Bedroom Loft: While we’re putting your mattress in the air, why not put your whole bedroom up there? Consider making your loft big enough to house a side table and lamp too. (via Social Being Determines Consciousness)

11. Playhouse Loft: What little kid doesn’t want to sleep on the roof at some point? Make it even more realistic by putting stars on the ceiling. (via Mommo Design)

12. Locker Loft: Just look at all that storage space. Put two of these in the kids rooms and you can forgo the dressers altogether. (via Buzzfeed)

13. Store-Bought Loft: Need a loft solution fast? Buy a simple piece like this one from IKEA to get your bed off the floor in a jiffy. (via Decoist)

14. Plant Loft: Make your loft feel homey with some viney potted plants, drapes and string lights. We’re so digging the boho vibes going on here. (via Missguided)

15. Hidden Loft: If your bed is chronically messy, hide the piles of covers and pillows with a horizontal bookcase. It’ll make for easy-to-reach reads come bedtime. (via Fantastic Frank)

16. Multi Loft: We almost can’t keep up with all the space saving going on here. Bedroom, office, closet, powder room — all in a few square feet. Now that’s what loft-bed dreams are made of. (via Dwell)

Do you sport a loft bed? Would you consider putting one in your apartment? Tell us below!