We love us a good accessory hack here at Brit + Co, especially when it involves studs, repurposing, and VELCRO® Brand tape. With help from hot glue, a few jewelry tools, and the perfect belt, here’s how we turned one old belt into five stylish accessories.

 – belt

– VELCRO® Brand Sticky Back Black Coins

– 5 jump rings (3 for the collar, 2 for the earrings)

– chain

– clasp

– earring hooks

– hair comb

 – needle nose pliers

– hot glue gun

As you can see, the belt we used was a wrap belt that had both a super thick part and skinny ends to tie around your waist. You could also make all of these accessories with a piece of leather, but we love repurposing those old accessories you never wear anymore.

1. Studded Collar Necklace

To make this, you’ll need chain, a clasp, and 3 jump rings to connect your leather pieces. Create a triangular stencil and trace it onto your leather. Cut out two of the same piece.

Connect your collar pieces in the middle with one jump ring, then use two more jump rings to connect the chain on each end. If you’re feeling edgy, add studs!

2. Modern Cuff

For the next two pieces, we used our trusty VELCRO® Brand Sticky Back Black Coins.

For the cuff, cut a piece of the belt 2 inches wide. Angle it at each end and attach using VELCRO® Brand Sticky Back Black Coins. So easy!

3. Chic Wrap Bracelet

Now it’s time to become a… wrap star! We’ve made wrap bracelets before, but we’re loving the sleek look of this leather one. Use the skinny ends of your belt, wrap around your wrist, and clasp with VELCRO® Brand Sticky Back Black Coins.

4. Metallic Hair Comb

Next up, a little leather for your do. If you recall our recent tutorial on DIY side combs, you know just how simple it is to make something like this. Simply cut a bunch of triangles, glue them into a comb, and you’re done.

5. Leather Feather-Inspired Earrings

Last up, you know we love earrings inspired by feathers. Our belt happened to have the perfect little ends to make a quick and easy dangly earring. Use a safety pin to create a whole in each leather piece and then attach using needle nose pliers and jump rings. Easy peasy.

The earrings look gorgeous with a loose ponytail or side braid.

Of course, you can get tons of silly style points by wearing all 5 accessories at once.

Or maybe just two bracelets?

Whatever you make, we’d love to see photos. Send ’em our way via Twitter, Facebook, or good old email.

Which of these accessories is your favorite? Have you repurposed your old belts into anything new? What about cool things using VELCRO® Brand products? Tell us in the comments below.

This post is a collaboration with Velcro Industries.