Working out is hard, right? Between not knowing the best moves to get toned to trying to squeeze in a quick desk exercise at the office, finding what works best for you can be tough. Although exercising regularly can be difficult to manage, there are many stress-relieving benefits to all different types of exercises — including core-strengthening workouts. We already know that you have to work *super* hard for those coveted abs, but with the right resources, they’re totally achievable. Scroll on for 21 ab exercises to make your ab goals a reality.

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1. Rapid Abs Workout: Get ready for this fast-paced abdominal routine that’ll have your heart pumping at full speed. All you need for this workout is a mat and your stellar motivation. (via XHIT Daily)

2. 10-Minute Sexy Back and Six-Pack Abs Workout: Only have 10 minutes to spare? This dual ab and back workout is perfect for those who have a packed schedule. (via POPSUGAR Fitness)

3. Turbo Ab Workout: Find out how to maximize your crunches and work your abs in the most efficient way possible. Learn to control your breathing, and you’ll be miles ahead of the game. (via Cosmopolitan)

4. Best Lower Abs Exercises: From tricycles to reverse crunches, this workout will tone your core in ways you never thought were possible. (via Athlean-XX for Women)

5. Killer Ab Challenge at Home: Skip the gym and do this heart-pounding exercise routine right at home. Be prepared to sweat, like A LOT. (via PsycheTruth)

6. Jillian Michaels: Six-Week Six-Pack Abs Workout: For those dedicated to the ab cause, this six-week exercise routine taught by none other than Jillian Michaels will take your abs places they’ve only dreamed of. This workout will totally rock your bod. (via BeFit)

7. Better Than the Gym Yoga Ab & Core Workout: Refocus your mind with this yoga-inspired ab workout that’ll help boost your metabolism AND enhance blood flow. (via Boho Beautiful)

8. Core Conditioning Yoga Workout: No equipment is needed for this fun and easy 15-minute yoga exercise that’ll warm your body right up! (via Cat Meffan)

9. 10-Min Intense Ab Workout: Boost your core strength with this speedy routine. Keep this up three to four times per week and you’ll be on the road to washboard abs in no time! (via Stephi Nguyen)

10. Intense Abs Workout Routine: Turn up the intensity with this quick 10-minute workout that’ll challenge your core strength in all the best ways. Get ready to see results! (via Chloe Ting)

11. The Three-Minute Perfect Plank Workout: Plank your way to fantastic abs with this innovative exercise routine. You’ll do all different types of planks that’ll focus on strengthening your upper and lower core. (via Bowflex)

12. Gym Routine Six Pack Abs Workout: This workout doesn’t include crunches! (Can you believe it?) Try this amazing routine when you’re looking to change it up. (via Carly Rowena)

13. Five-Minute Flat Abs: Designed to synergize with post-workout flexibility, this quick five-minute core toner can be easily added to the beginning or end of any workout. (via Blogilates)


14. Five-Minute Ab Workouts: Rest is just as important as exercise, and this app gives you both, with designated rest times in between reps.

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15. Ab & Core Sworkit: With this app, there’s no excuse not to fit in your daily ab exercise. Designed to help you manage your time, you can rest assured you’ll get the results you want with consistent routines.

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16. Runtastic Six Pack Abs Workout & Core Trainer: From the comfort of your home, you can work with your virtual trainer to transform your core — without any equipment! With the Runtastic app’s 50-plus workouts, you can’t go wrong.

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17. Abs Workout — Daily Fitness Routines for a Quick Six-Pack Muscle: No matter where you are in your fitness journey, this app will help you achieve your ab goals. It’s easy to select the workout that targets the exact muscle group you want to work on (upper or lower abs).

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18. Instant Abs Trainer: This app is recommended by Kendall Jenner, so we know it’ll provide amazing results.

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19. Three Great Core Strengtheners: Work on your balance and strength with these three easy back and abdominal strengtheners. Bonus: This routine will also improve your posture. HECK YES! (via Nike)

20. Your 360-Degree Ab Workout!: Feel the burn with this 14-minute workout that’ll have your waistline saying, “Mamma mia!” Just roll out your yoga mat and you’re ready to go. (via Tone It Up)

21. Gentle Morning Yoga Workout for Your Abs: Wake up to this soothing, low-intensity ab workout. It’ll make your morning a little brighter and have you feeling more in tune with your body for the rest of the day. (via SELF)

Whether you’re sitting, standing, at home, or at the gym, abs of steel can be yours! It’s no easy feat, but challenging yourself to reach your ab goals will be an exhilarating experience. Embrace the sweat. You GOT this!

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