App-y Saturday — or should we say best apps of the week time? It’s the day after Christmas (better known as Boxing Day in other parts of the world), but there’s no reason to stop celebrating. We’ve got some awesome apps in store for you for this week, including an anonymous messaging app that has been taking the Internet by storm, a super duper sweet video editing app that allows you to add whatever you can dream up to your vids and so much more. Check out all the app goodness we have for you below.


1. Tipit: Here’s the video editing app you’ve been waiting for. Tipit allows you to add everything from GIFs to stickers to text to your video, basically making your own version of VH1’s Pop Up Videos (anyone remember that?). Then, you can share your clips on your Instagram or with your friends.

DL It: Free on iOS


2. On Time: On Time is an Android widget that allows users to hide apps during certain times of day. Perhaps Kim Kardashian Hollywood is getting in the way of your studying? Luckily, you can schedule for the app to only show up on your phone after school hours.

DL It: Free on Android


3. MSQRD: This awesome video selfie app works kinda like Snapchat’s filters in that you can change up the way you look in a video and share the video with your friends via your social networks. In other words, you’re about to waste waaaay too much time on this app.

DL It: Free on iOS


4. Blindspot: Blindspot is the anonymous messaging app that allows you to contact your friends without revealing to them that it’s really you on the other side. This is one technologically savvy way to reach out to your crush and let him/her know that he/she has got a secret admirer perhaps ;)

DL It: Free on iOS and Android


5. Anxiety Reliever: Anxiety Reliever is an app that wants you to get a handle on your holiday worries. It allows you to track stressors and also provides you with helpful resources like calming audio sessions and helpful tips that will help you shake the bad feelings. The app also has a team that will send users encouraging messages to help them through the tough times.

DL It: Free on Android

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