It’s the moment you’ve all been waiting for: Saturday’s best apps of the week time! This week, we’ve got the game-changing Google keyboard that puts search directly into your texting, an app that will help you sort through your massive photo library in a snap and an app that wants to get rid of all those pesky popup ads. Stay tuned for more below!


1. Gboard: There’s been a lot of cool keyboards getting released lately, but Google’s new Gboard is worth a download for SEVERAL good reasons. First off, it has swipe-enabled texting, so yay! Faster typing. Secondly, you can search for emoji by just typing in the word, and the keyboard will bring up a selection for you. You can insert GIFs too, but most importantly, you can Google search from within the keyboard. Genius!

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2. Opera VPN: In case you don’t know why a VPN service is valuable yet, you should educate yourself against the dangers of public WiFi. Opera, the trusty Internet browser, has just released a VPN app for the iPhone that not only blocks ads in Safari and Chrome, but will help you change your virtual location to throw off any potential scammers. It also has a built-in tracker blocker. Safety first, guys.

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3. The Roll: If you’ve ever looked at your thousands of photos and felt overwhelmed, The Roll is here to help. The app will make it easy to delete pics by giving each photo an “aesthetic rating.” But it doesn’t stop there. The app will also automatically tag your pics so you can find them in a snap. Next time you’re looking for a pic of yourself in a hat, just tap on the keyword “hat” in the app. Voilà!

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4. Health Tracking by Gyroscope: Health and fitness apps are a dime a dozen, but this particular one is a must-download because not only does it track things like steps, heart rate, workouts, etc., the app also gives you access to a comprehensive dashboard that makes fitness tracking easy. You can also keep up with your pals and see how they’re meeting your fitness goals.

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5. This is the social media app people who love making lists have been waiting for. Follow your friends as they write up funny or helpful lists on whatever topic of their choosing. You can also read those belonging to other tastemakers and, of course, create your own!

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