If you’re going to find time to enjoy happy hours, yoga sessions and baking all while killing it at the office, you better have a calendar to keep it all straight. But almost as important as the ability to keep you organized is how pretty it appears on your screen. These 10 apps are bold, beautiful and ready to keep all your important meetings and weekend adventures in check. We already showed you these 10 calendar apps, but we all know the app machine never stops and brand new ways of making life simple are always on the rise. So browse these 10 new calendars and find your ideal download for 2014.

1. Cal: You’d be hard-pressed to find a more beautiful calendar than this one. Seamlessly view everything from business meetings to family birthdays and even invite friends and clients along all from this useful app. (Free on iOS and Android)

2. Calvetica: Add events in just two quick taps and enjoy an uncluttered, minimalist interface. We’re big fans of how user-friendly this app is and give it major bonus points for the play on Helvetica. ($2.99 on iOS)

3. Tempo: The perfect tool for a busy business life, this app goes way beyond a calendar by helping you alert colleagues when you’re running late, checking your flight status for you and displaying the weather based on your current location. (Free on iOS)

4. TeuxDeux: This app aims to make mobile scheduling as simple as jotting a note on a piece of paper. Enter in your to-dos, shift them around to adhere to your schedule then take great satisfaction in checking them off as you “deux” them. (Free on iOS)

5. Peek: This minimalist calendar is all about ease. Not only does it beautifully toggle between showing your current schedule and helping you add items, it has smart additions like a gesture feature that knows when you’re shading the screen with a hand in bright sun and responds accordingly. ($2.99 on iOS and $4 on Android)

6. Chronos: This is the smartest calendar you’ll ever find. Use another app to schedule your life, then use this one to discover how you’re really spending your time. It runs in the background of your phone to help you meet your goals and keep track of how and where you spend your time. (Free on iOS and Android)

7. Sunrise: Totally integrated with outside tools like LinkedIn, Google Maps and Facebook, you can expect to see the faces of people you’re meeting with, birthdays of your friends and maps for meeting locations all within the same app. (Free on iOS and Android)

8. Awesome Note: It’s all in the name with this app. Awesome Note not only keeps track of it all, but helps you keep personal and professional life separate. Customizable themes make it the perfect fit for every style. ($3.99 on iOS)

9. SaiSuke: Get major perspective on your future with this app, which lets users see daily, weekly, monthly and even yearly calendar views. Manipulate colors and fonts to make it just perfect. ($9.99 on iOS)

10. Informant 3: This app syncs a variety of other mobile tools for a killer user experience. We told you about Pocket Informant with our list of original calendar apps and it’s only gotten better (and cheaper!) over time. ($9.99 on Android)

Do you use an app to stay on track? We’d love to hear about your smart calendar!