Helvetica. It's a font. It's a movie. New Yorkers see it day in and day out on the subway. Designers love it in Bold, Light and Neue. With our love of typography, geekery, and the well-designed home, how could we not whip up a simple ode to this tried and true font? Presenting 20 hip housewares perfect for the Helvetican home.

1. Cheese Grater ($18): The first in our set of retro Gemco kitchenwares, this proves that even cheese graters can be design nerds.

2. Kitchen Containers ($45): Don't be surprised if you see this set showing up in upcoming culinary how-tos here on HelloBrit.

3. Vintage Mixer ($17): We love this! The size screams "I'm perfect for a small batch of cupcakes" while the manual nature takes us back to a more analog time.

4. 3rd Birthday Party Hats – Set of 8 ($18): Love the use of typography in these kids' party hats. The simple use Helvetica suggests a parent training her children in the ways of anti-Comic Sans.

5. Alphabetical Spices Print ($17): Let’s see here. Combine typography with art and also a little culinary action? Mmhmm. WIN.

6. Helvetica Laser Cut Scarf ($64): Not officially a houseware, but this beautifully cut Helvetica scarf gives us some good ideas for a table runner, and could maybe even double as one! Who doesn't love a piece of kitchen flair that doubles as apparel?

7. Helvetica Marquee Letters ($350): Does your name belong in bright lights? Or at least the first letter of your name? In that case, these industrial size marquee letters are for you. (But if you're not keen on dropping the dough, stay tuned for a marquee DIY!)

8. Dropped Numbers 23” Clock ($100): Why CB2 doesn't market this to nerds like us as a Dropped Helvetica Numbers Clock is beside us, but we love the use of bold jumbled up numbers.

9. Helveticards ($10): Can we say Valentine’s Day gift guide? These are the perfect addition to a collection of Valentine’s goodies, and you’re sure to get some play. ;)

10. Helvetica Alphabet Coasters – Set of 4 ($25): Ready for a huge proclamation? Laser cutters might be the most useful non-household tool around. Ok, maybe they don't compare to letterpress or the satisfaction of wielding an oxyacetylene torch, but they certainly make us wonder where all we can place words, and what all we can cut them out of. In any case, these coasters are lovely.

11. Gemco Coffee Mill ($20): Oh Gemco, you do do us well in the land of Helvetica. This coffee mill is as basic as they come, and would look right at home in any tech startup's kitchenette.

12. Coffee and Tea Jars ($28): What would a coffee mill be without a place to store the beans or grounds? And what's tea without coffee?

13. Salt and Pepper Shakers ($15): Available in an array of hues on good old Etsy, these are yet another pair of shakers we kind of can't live without. In fact, we just might have to move all of our spices into salt and pepper shakers and devise a tough-to-crack kitchen code.

14. I Love You More Than Bacon ($2): We have a feeling this pin is actually speaking to the font it's set in, rather than the mysterious you. Also available in ham, steak, and pork varieties.

15. Salad Bowl with Oil and Vinegar Cruet ($23): A bit of olive oil, a splash of vinegar, a squeeze of lemon, pinch of dill, dollop of dijon mustard, and you've got a simple homemade salad dressing. And because we always recommend dressing stylishly, serve it up with this salad set.

16. Gemco Chopper ($17): Gemco Gemco, let me count the ways. Choppers are not a totally standard cooking item, but can be infinitely useful if you like to experiment in the kitchen. Great for chopping anything from onions to Oreos.

17. Helvetica Forever: Taken care of in the land of kitchenware? Let's move to the living room with this beautiful coffee table book. Bound beautifully, this is a simple and classy way to give props to your favorite typeface.

18. SUPERIXI Big Letter ($80): Another in our two-part big letters are better series, this is another dream for any child of the 80s. Legos plus Helvetica. I know. It's ridic! Currently these letters are available in a and e, but contact the Etsy seller and see if you can finagle some custom handiwork. (P.S. We challenge you to try making these on your own — and, of course, send us pics of how it goes!)

19. Helvetica Cookie Cutters: The first in our final pair of incredible Helvetica goods that are not yet available, these cookie cutters are on their way to being manufactured and we can’t wait!

20. Helvetica Bike: Not since the release of Star Wars Uncut has a bigger dream come true for the reclusive hipster. Ok, this hasn’t come true yet in that it’s not quite available for sale, but it will be soon and we will be sure to let you know when you can snag one.

How do you bring your love of typography into the home? Got any sweet Helvetica goods we should know about? Leave us a note in the comments below or find us on Twitter.