We’re used to using Google Maps to find our way around the cities we live in and those we’re traveling to, but latest project Google Map Gallery lets us click our way through a whole new world. Like a Wikipedia wonderland for cartographers, it will suck you in during your next lunch break by showing you how to get directions from Lewis and Clark, plot out Civil War battles and walk around San Francisco back in the day. Who’s ready to get a little geeky with us?

View maps as art — what may look like a black and white Google Map is actually a set of 164 photographs of San Francisco taken from the air in 1938. Amazing.

Explore trails Lewis and Clark blazed and campsites where they stayed.

Buff up your history skills with this Civil War timeline of battles.

Plan your next camping trip by spotting where to visit, eat and sleep in Yellowstone National Park.

Visualize who in the world is on the world wide web (only 8.1% of Earth’s Internet users live in the USA — who knew?!) with maps that plot out stats.

Even decide where your space condo will be when you move to Mars! Margaritifer Terra sounds like it could be fun.

We’ll file this under: things we wish were around when we were writing reports for school. At least it’s here to help us plan our next fam vacation — Lewis and Clark camping road trip, here we come!

What would you use Google Map Gallery for?