Champagne cocktails are a fun way to put an even more celebratory twist on a glass of bubbly. From a classic recipe to an Italian-inspired modern sipper, here are some of Imbibe Magazine‘s favorite ways to add a little extra pop to your cocktail glass.

1.Champagne Cocktail: One of the most classic uses of bubbly in cocktail form, the Champagne Cocktail’s first recorded appearance dates back to San Francisco in 1850.

2.Champagne Elderflower: Light, fizzy, and a bit sweet, this year-round vodka cocktail is as easy to mix as it is to sip.

3.French 75: Whether you’re entertaining at home or having a summer picnic, this early 20th-century sparkling gem is a delightful cocktail in any season.

4.Champagne Whiskey Punch: This drink presents a blend of tart raspberries and bright lemon that helps temper the oak and vanilla flavors of the whiskey. Champagne brings a snappy punch of bubbles to the mix.

5.Pear & Sage Cocktail: Sage lends a subtle earthy edge to drinks, and this sparkling cocktail from Austin blends the herb with sweet pear liqueur for a perfect pre-dinner cocktail.

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(Photos via Emma Janzen / Imbibe Magazine)