There鈥檚 plenty to love about Halloween: carving pumpkins, throwing themed parties, rocking creative costumes and of course, trick-or-treating. Whether you鈥檙e searching for candy with your kids or handing it out at your house, it鈥檚 always a fun time. Now Nextdoor, a private social network for your neighborhood, has made it even easier to find the candy jackpot. This year, the company analyzed data from thousands of neighborhoods that use the platform鈥檚 annual Treat Map and found the top 10 cities for scoring candy. Check out the list below!

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1. Cary, NC

2. Ann Arbor, MI

3. Omaha, NE

4. Columbus, OH

5. Frisco, TX

6. Orlando, FL

7. Downers Grove, IL

8. Greenville, SC

9. Baton Rouge, LA

10. Boise, ID

These may be the top 10 cities with booming populations of treat givers, but we鈥檇 like a separate map. Like, something that plots out who hands out king size candy bars per capita, or which houses will let you grab a handful of your faves. But we鈥檙e willing to take at trip to Cary, North Carolina, pillowcase in hand to see what the hype is all about. 鈥淧assing out Halloween candy is one of the most neighborly things you can do,鈥 said Nirav Tolia, cofounder and CEO of Nextdoor, in a news release. With this list, the company hopes they can encourage neighbors to add their own homes to the Treat Map.

So if you鈥檙e in the Halloween spirit, be sure to add yours!

Did your city make the list? Let us know in the comments.

(Photo via Nextdoor)