“I pledge carb-legiance to the sprinkles of the United Donuts of America.” Tomorrow may be National Donut Day and since we celebrate that “holiday” pretty regularly, we thought we’d go especially HAM. We’re mapping out the most epic parade route ever thanks to a little travel search engine called Hopper. Hopper gives you added insight into the ideal time to book travel with in-depth reports and a search that pulls in recommendations from around the planet. Today they’re satisfying our search for “where to eat the most delicious donuts tomorrow” with an equally helpful, interactive Donut States of America map.

The map is dotted with fried and dipped donutty markers that also carry their own rating system. Donut holes stand for “Awesome” while a sprinkled, chocolate-covered creation calls out “The Best” shops. And as you hop around, planning your eventual road trip, we’re talking the best of the best, or at least the most awesome of the best from coast to coast, Alaska and Hawaii (who knew there were so many great donut shops in Hawaii?!) included.

Hover over a donut destination and the name of the shop pops up. Click through and it takes you to a page where you can read reviews, skip through users’ pictures of, mmm, more donuts, follow the restaurant and peruse recommendations for more spots you might like nearby.

While it looks like they hit most of the mainstays in bigger cities, they might need to sweep the smaller towns that know their way around jelly fillings and powdered coverings just as well — shout out to Paula’s in Buffalo, NY!

Now that I mention it, I am more than willing to help them do the necessary research. But we kind of all can thanks to the site’s aggregation of user reviews. There are sooo many travel and review sites out there so we love the idea of pulling in some of the best suggestions by topic like this. An especially great idea for foodies planning a road trip ;) Although we stopped by for fun, we might be jumping back over to Hopper to plan our next getaway. Pastry-related or not.

What is your favorite donut shop in all the land? Sound off below!

(Photos: VooDoo + Dynamo)