You didn’t think we’d miss our favorite random national holiday, did you? Happy International Donut Day!! Celebrate the day by checking out extremely silly donut-themed products, inventive donut recipes, and even a watercolor painting that combines Tom Petty with a donut.

1. Healthy Mini Donuts: Ready for a healthier take on homemade donuts? Use a donut maker to avoid frying, and spelt and bean flours to increase fiber content. (via Brit + Co.)

2. Donut Scented Pencils ($7): Donut. Scented. Pencils. That’s all.

3. Mini Donut Factory ($110): One batch of donuts not enough? Do you need an entire factory? This would actually be a pretty fun thing to keep at the office.

4. Donuts Earbuds + Cord Wrapper ($11): You know, donut style, no big.

5. Donut Pool Float ($24): This is definitely our favorite pool float for summer 2013.

6. Oreo Donuts: Oreos and donuts? We will probably have to create our own take on this genius move. (via Huffington Post)

7. Donut Whiteboard ($10): It’s a whiteboard in the shape of a donut. What more do you need to know?

8. Chocolate Donut Camera ($105): Not only is this the silliest shaped camera we’ve ever seen, but it includes 5 custom donut color filters!

9. Spiked Donut Holes: Kahlua, Baileys, and donut holes, together in one poppin’ bite. (via Brit + Co.)

10. Glazed Donut Liqueur: Part of our recent unusual liquor roundup, this is one way to rock a liquid breakfast.

11. Donut Laptop Sleeve ($40): Donuts go perfectly with apples, don’t you think? ;)

12. Donut Skateboard Wheels ($30): And on the even- more-obscure-than-you-thought-possible end of the spectrum, donut-shaped skateboard wheels, perfect for all those ollies.

13. Donut Toothbrush Holder (sold out!): People love the donut toothbrush holder SO much that it’s sold out. Go figure.

14. Make a Donut Hole Tower: Leave it to the party throwing geniuses at Oh Happy Day to create not only a fancy donut-themed party but an incredible donut hole tower. (via Oh Happy Day)

15. Donut Pillow ($100): Homer Simpson would approve.

16. Donut Hole Breakfast Skewers: Why not get some health points with your not-so-healthy ones? (via Val So Cal)

17. Donut Coffee Mug ($14): Donuts are definitely coffee’s best friend.

18. Mini Hot Chocolate Donuts: These use actual hot chocolate and marshmallows in the recipe – yum! (via The Sweet Chick)

19. Donut Hoodie (£80): Now if only this was a pillow hoodie

20. Dunkin’ Donuts Bacon and Eggs on a Donut: Talk about an all-in-one breakfast sandwich! Not sure we’re brave enough to try this, but let us know if you do.

21. Sugar Donut Pendant ($12): Yep. This is the weirdest donut thing we’ve seen today. You’re welcome.

22. Donut Come Around Here No More ($20): And finally, Tom Petty meets donuts in this beautiful print. So good.

What’s the craziest donut recipe or donut-related product you’ve seen? Tell us in the comments below.