Hey, hi, hello, yo, what鈥檚 up? Nothing much here just busy living my life doing the usual work, eating, socializing, getting in like one workout a week, Netflix/Real Housewives bingeing and cuddling with my boy + Boston Terrier routine. Oh yeah, and growing out a man bun. Because like I said, 鈥淚鈥檓 24 and who knows how long these locks will last before my hair starts receding on me.鈥


After serving up some BTS scoop on why I chose the man bun life 鈥 (it didn鈥檛 choose me) 鈥 based on inspo from long-haired dudes like early 鈥00s David Beckham, SF men + even lil guys last week, this week I鈥檓 focusing on new hair experiences, aka actually using hair products. 鈥淟OL, what even are those?!鈥 recently asked yours truly.

NGL, I鈥檝e never really cared all that much about what beauty products I use. Luckily my boyfriend does 鈥 seriously, if only he would let me show you how many bars + bottles of soap we have. I can鈥檛 count how many times I鈥檝e had to steer clear of LUSH and any bath + body store when we鈥檙e out shopping. To be fair, I鈥檇 be using only generic, cheap soaps, shampoos, etc if it wasn鈥檛 for him so I guess that interest is good for something. (PS: We鈥檙e using Shikai shower gels + hair products currently, FYI.) *Anyways* back to this bun-voyage and not my relationship woes ;)


Since I committed to the man bun I had my guy at the hair salon, Mario 鈥 who, just like my mom, was apprehensive about my hair journey; why so much bun hate, you guys?! 鈥 give me some tips around styling (aka taming) my naturally curly locks to make them cooperate with my growing bun post-trim. After years of my minimal routine of sticking some pomade or other random styling product in my hair to make it look acceptable for the day, I was ready to up my hair game. And learn a little in the process. Check out what Mario told me I should be doing v. what I鈥檓 actually doing below.

growing a man bun

Stylist Advice: Mario recommended I should use a leave-in conditioner post-shower to soften, tame and hydrate my hair. He used Marula Oil Rare Oil Treatment at the salon, so I stuck with what I (now) knew and got a bottle of that. He also suggested I should brush + blowdry my hair after I run some of the oil through it to further help with smoothing it out. Finally, he suggested I show my locks a little hairspray love before I leave the house for the day. He said the combination of all these products on a daily basis would help tame those curly waves into a softer, sort-of-straight head of hair, perfect for my growing man bun.

growing a man bun

What I鈥檓 Doing IRL: I take a shower at night, not before I head out the door in the AM. So post evening shower I towel dry my hair (sorry, no blowdryer in this house) then run Marula Oil Rare Oil Treatment through my hair and brush it real good to get any tangles and/or knots out of there. Then in the AM to help manage the bedhead that gets created over night, I run Olive Oil Incredibly Rich Moisturizing Hair Lotion through it and brush it before heading out the door either loosely styled or in a hair tie to show off my lil growing baby bun. Sorry Mario, I skip the hairspray and blow drying. But even though I鈥檓 not completely following the guidelines exactly my hair is starting to get longer and less out-of-control wavy, so that鈥檚 like a half win, right?


This past week I鈥檝e gone from doing the minimum when it comes to hair care 鈥 shampoo + conditioner, a little pomade here and there 鈥 to adding multiple products to my routine. I鈥檇 call that a success on the road to the man bun, which will inevitably involve even more maintenance (hope I鈥檓 ready!). Until next week 鈥 when, fingers crossed, there鈥檚 some major length progress 鈥 leave any suggestions for me in the comments or tweet us @britandco. Trust me, I need all the help I can get ;)

Got any tips, tricks or hacks for growing out my hair to get that man bun bigger + faster? Share them with me in the comments!