The Latest Trend In Kids Hair Is Going to Look VERY Familiar
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The Latest Trend In Kids Hair Is Going to Look VERY Familiar

There have been a ton of hair trends so far in 2015 — primarily of the pastel variety. Not to be outdone by the ladies, even men have joined in on the muted hair color movement with merman hair. Now stylish parents are taking it upon themselves to give man buns a mini makeover for their fashionable little ones and the results provide OTT cuteness. As if we weren’t envious enough of those stylish little kids

After taking a scan of the recently trending hashtag #babymanbun on Instagram, it appears these days the standard little guy bowl cut is out and long, messy buns are in. With defined ‘dos, curly buns and even top knots, the playground is looking a lot more fashion-forward than it did when we were hanging on the swings thanks to baby man buns. While this could be the result of hipsters becoming parents, we aren’t mad at it and are even contemplating if it’s possible to borrow a tiny guy for the day to style. That’s what uncles are for after all, right? Right?

As I am a man considering growing out my hair to rock a man bun or a top knot, the discovery of baby man buns is one I am beyond excited about. Seriously, there’s nothing cuter than a stylish child. Nothing. I am definitely gonna keep up with this budding hairstyle trend in the tot world, taking inspo from their hair game, as I’m sure all you parents will be too.

I’m obsessed. I salute you, little dudes. Keep those buns styled strong.

What are your thoughts on the baby man bun? Love it or hate it? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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