Reading through聽top聽travel blogs and watching the best聽YouTube travel vloggers are two聽ways to see聽the world, without even leaving your bed, but the actual search for cool content can surface some of the greatest stuff. So, while we love curated recommendations as much as the next gal, we鈥檝e recently taken a liking to scrolling through hashtag feeds on Instagram when wanderlust strikes. Not only is the travel聽eye candy absolutely unreal, but we鈥檝e also uncovered some supremely talented聽photographers聽to follow.聽Scroll on for our 10 travel hashtag picks and brace yourself for a dose of MAJOR wanderlust (maybe you鈥檒l even buy a聽cheap international flight). Don鈥檛 say we didn鈥檛 warn you!

1. #passionpassport:聽One of the Internet鈥檚 most vibrant聽travel communities, PassionPassport, has grown tremendously in the last year.聽Headed up by Zach Houghton,聽who captures seriously impressive shots, it鈥檚 no surprise that the hashtag search bubbles up some of the best聽images we鈥檝e聽ever seen.

2. #mytinyatlas:聽Get a glimpse of the amazing moments shared by the My Tiny Atlas Quarterly聽community, which counts interesting聽places, people, food, art and more. Use the hashtag yourself for a chance to be featured on the mag鈥檚 official IG account,聽@tinyatlasquarterly,聽which more than merits a follow if you鈥檙e not keeping up already.

3. #tlpicks:聽Travel + Leisure鈥榮 official hashtag reveals heaps of wanderlust-worthy results from around the world. We especially love the impressive cityscapes, shadow grams and photographs dedicated to showing festivals, special events and seasons in different parts of the world.

4. #willjourney:聽This new hashtag was created by Thomas Berolzheimer, AKA hubby to Julia Engel, who writes聽the well-known blog Gal Meets Glam. Thomas is the man behind all of Julia鈥檚 gorgeous pics. That said, you can expect to find photographs they鈥檝e聽taken, along with those captured by friends and guest photogs like Lucy Laucht. Travelgrams from Julia鈥檚聽dedicated readers round out the impressive collection, which already tops 7,000 pictures.

5. #welltravelled:聽From the world鈥檚 most brilliant beaches to rarely seen Middle Eastern mosques at sunset, this tag showcases more than a million carefully captured shots. Prominent photographers and major brands use the hashtag, so you know it鈥檚 a good one.

6. #doyoutravel. More than half a million聽Instagram snapshots pop up when you search for this hashtag, and the community of enthusiastic travelers continues to prove that they DO travel. Want to answer the question too? Go ahead and share your shots to join in on the fun.


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7. #fromwhereistand:聽We love this tag because it聽shows us everything from far flung places to the聽local haunts loved by the people who photograph them. Since the point of the hashtag is to show the surroundings from where聽you physically stand, most of these images have truly聽unique vantage points.

8.聽#ihavethisthingwithfloors:聽Who would have thought that floors would be such a cool way to see the world? Turns out, it totally is! Between the art-like surfaces and shoes, this hashtag reminds us that looking down isn鈥檛聽always a terrible idea.

9. #cntraveler:聽Cond茅 Nast Traveler聽has been an industry leader for years, so it鈥檚 only fitting that the luxury travel mag鈥檚 tag would display some of the most glam and luxe vacations we鈥檝e laid eyes upon. #cntraveler is also used聽by grammers on more low-key trips too, so you can expect an inspiring mix.

10. #guardiantravelsnaps:聽Here鈥檚 your chance to see what it takes to be featured on Instagram by The Guardian, one of Britain鈥檚 best known daily news sources. Study up by looking at some phenomenal European captures, and then plan an unforgettable trip to score your own.

Which travel hashtags do you stalk on Instagram? Tag us in a pic or comment @BritandCo!

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