If you’re already in mourning that summer is almost over (trust us — we are too), retail therapy might be the perfect solution. And while it’s perfectly okay to splurge every now and then, you can feel especially guilt-free about that retail therapy when it’s of the lower-priced variety. That’s why we’re bringing you eight items that you can find at low prices in August. Scroll down for all the details, and rest assured that if you decide you must also invest in a not-so-bargain handbag, we won’t be the ones to tell.


1. Summer Produce: As you soak up summer’s last few weeks of poolside lounging and beach outings, don’t forget to take full advantage of the season’s natural bounty, which is (sadly) a limited commodity. Check out your local supermarket for especially affordable prices on your favorite summer produce, like berries, corn, and tomatoes.

2. Sunscreen: Prime sunscreen season may be winding down, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be protecting your skin all year ’round. It’s important to have sunscreen on hand throughout the seasons, so check out your go-to pharmacy for markdowns that will make it especially easy for you to collect that SPF. No excuses!

3. Swimwear: Fall fashion is upon us, and stores are ready to clear out summer-only styles to make room for those sweaters you’re just dying to fall in love with. Great deals on bikinis? Don’t mind if we do!

4. Patio Furniture: Getting ready to throw your final BBQ of the year? Your porch may need some sprucing up, and a great hostess like you deserves a patio upgrade. August is a great time to purchase outdoor furniture, which manufacturers are marking down for the season’s end. You’ll have the perfect table on which to serve your fave finger foods, and you won’t have to spend an arm and a leg to get it.

5. Lunchbox-Style Snacks: Granola bars, mini bags of chips, fruit snacks — does anyone ever really outgrow their favorite classic lunchbox snacks? In anticipation of the impending new school year, grocery stores and other retailers will be offering awesome deals on these yummy items. Stock up now, and you’ll have your kids’ brown bags — or your own purse — fully loaded and ready to fight midday hunger pangs.

6. Flip Flops: Old Navy’s annual one-day-only flip flop sale (held this year on June 24) is widely known as the best day to stock up on summer footwear, but if your warm-weather shoe game is still lacking, it may be worth your while to investigate sandal sales again in August. Stores are trying to clear their shelves for the booties and loafers of autumn, so there will be plenty of opportunities to scoop up summer shoes now.

7. Back-to-School Gear: Whether you’re a mama bear prepping your kiddos to go back to school or an on-the-go girl who could just really use a backpack (did you know they’re perfect for bringing wine to a picnic?), now is the obvious time to jump on clearance prices. In addition to backpacks, school supplies — which can easily double as materials for your office — will be marked down throughout the month.

8. Air Conditioners: If you’re sick of sweating out the summer heat without the luxury of an air conditioner, this is the perfect time to nip the situation in the bud. As the season winds down, hardware stores and big box retailers will be marking down window units, and you may even be able to score a great deal on a central AC system (which is still a major investment). Your summer will end a lot less sticky than it began, and you’ll be ready to beat the heat into next year and beyond.

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(Design via Marisa Kumtong)