19 Finger Foods for Every Summer BBQ
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19 Finger Foods for Every Summer BBQ

Eating with utensils is SO winter 2015. Once summer rolls around, it’s all about BBQs, and that means eating with your hands. Whether it’s blueberry cheesecake dip that you scoop up with a graham cracker or a parfait popsicle that lives on a stick, you can pretty much guarantee that you’ll be getting your hands dirty at a cookout. I mean, the perfect burger? That’s BBQ food at its finest, and you don’t eat it with a fork. Stay tuned for 19 finger-licking handheld foods that will be the star of every summer party.

1. Baked Tortilla Hummus Cups: Who can be bothered to dip into the community hummus over and over? These mini cups are the perfect one-bite size and are SO easy to make. Yay for no double dipping! (via The Conscientious Eater)

2. BBQ Chicken Pockets With Creamy Cilantro Dip: Frozen puff pastry is always a life saver. If you’re in a major time crunch and need a quick BBQ recipe, take advantage of store-bought BBQ chicken and give it a makeover in the form of these DIY pockets. Serve with a homemade cilantro dip and let your guests go to town. (via Spiced)

3. Blackberry and Brie Mini Pizzas: Pizza is everyone’s favorite handheld meal, and this summery update will be no different. The individual servings are speckled with seasonal blackberries and caramelized onions, and pair perfectly with a glass of sparkling rosé. (via Saving Room for Dessert)

4. Buffalo Quinoa Bites With Mozzarella and Blue Cheese: Meat-eaters shouldn’t get to have all of the buffalo fun. These quinoa bites are everything you want in a buffalo wing — without the wing. Inside you’ll find a cheesy surprise that’ll have everyone in awe. (via Wry Toast)

5. Shrimp Ceviche Bites: Cold appetizers are essential for any BBQ. People are hot and sweaty and will appreciate the relief of a cooling snack. These ceviche bites will do just that, while also providing a major flavor punch. (via Lemons for Lulu)

6. Cheeseburger Caramelized Onion Purses: Hosting a finger-foods-only BBQ? You HAVE to serve these cheeseburger purses. You can’t have a proper BBQ without burgers, people! (via Fork Knife and Love)

7. Crab, Bacon and Guacamole Crostinis: Everyone loves crab, but the real stuff can be a bit pricey. Get the most bang for your buck by topping a Bagel Chip with guac, bacon and a pinch of lump crab. It’s simple and oh-so delicious. (via That Square Plate)

8. Spanish Cod Fritters: These cod fritters may be reminiscent of fish sticks, but they are so much more than that. The Spanish flavors are out of this world, and you’ll instantly feel like you’ve been transported to a villa in Barcelona after the first bite. (via Munchkin Time)

9. Roasted Garlic Chipotle Deviled Eggs: Deviled eggs = BBQ must have. A mutiny may ensue if there are none, so play it safe and be the one to bring this roasted garlic chipotle variation. (via Natural Comfort Kitchen)

10. Avocado and Grapefruit Triscuit: This handy little appetizer requires NO cooking whatsoever, but you’ll still be praised for your tasty addition to the party. They’re sweet, creamy, tangy, crunchy and perfect to whip up in no time flat. (via Platings and Pairings)

11. Grilled Honey Sriracha Wings: Wings are the ultimate finger food. Yes, you eat them with your hands, but you’ll also be licking your fingers dry to get every last bit of that honey Sriracha sauce. (via Cake ‘n Knife)

12. Grilled Jalapeño Poppers: You can’t go wrong with a jalapeño that’s been stuffed with cheese and wrapped in smokey bacon. Even the spice-shy will reach for these without hesitation. (via Countryside Cravings)

13. Hush Puppies With a Smoked Cheddar Stout Dip: If you’re preparing fish for your BBQ, you’re required to make hush puppies to go along with it. These delicious bites are then dipped in an insane smoked cheddar dip that is truly mouth-watering. (via Nomageddon)

14. Mini Phyllo Strawberry Brie Bites: Usually, by the time everyone is finished gorging themselves on burgers and sides, there’s no room for dessert. Unless it’s a tiny bite of dessert that lets you have just a taste, like these strawberry Brie bites. (via Flavor the Moments)

15. Roasted Red Pepper Italian Pinwheels: When planning a BBQ, it’s nice to provide dishes that everyone can enjoy, whether they’re vegan, gluten-free or other. These pinwheels fit in almost every category and will delight non-dieters all the same. (via Simply Sissom)

16. Simple BBQ Potato Sausage Appetizer: With just five easy ingredients, you can create an appetizer that will have everyone swooning. Serve with a dish of toothpicks and let everyone nom their way to BBQ bliss. (via Noshing With the Nolands)

17. Pepper Jack and Bacon Stuffed Cherry Tomatoes: Simple and delicious, this easy dish is the perfect addition to any outdoor bash. These little guys are so poppable, you may want to make a few extra batches so they last more than 10 minutes. (via A Latte Food)

18. Sweet Corn Cakes With Dill Creme Fraiche: If corn on the cob is too cumbersome for you, these corn fritters will give you life. They have all the flavor of your favorite corn dish, but in one easy-to-munch-on package. Finish with a dollop of dill creme fraiche for extra brightness. (via The Pastiche)

19. Tostones With Mango Salsa and Cilantro Chimichurri: Impress everyone with your worldly culinary skills and bring this crispy plantain appetizer to your next BBQ. The tostones are topped with more delicious ingredients than you can count, and will have everyone wondering when you got back from your Caribbean cooking class. (via Get Inspired Everyday)

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