Cue the summer cocktails — patio season is here! Even if you’ve already got the decor nailed down, it’s important to keep things practical and in the right place. Luckily, we’ve got some organization hacks in mind that’ll keep your area looking like the ahh-worthy space you’re envisioning. Scroll down to check out the complete list so you can be on your way to hosting your next al fresco dinner party, no messes involved!

1. DIY Murphy Bar: Finally — the outdoor bar you’ve been waiting for! With its under $50 price point, this beauty will give you a sweet reason to celebrate once complete. Cheers! (via Brit + Co)

2. DIY Metallic Rope Throw Basket: Corral your clutter (think: throws, toys, and trinkets) with a homemade storage solution. Play around with the paint, or opt for some ombre, to tailor it accordingly to your current ensemble. (via Lydi Out Loud)

3. DIY Vertical Planter Set: Just call it the prettiest privacy screen ever. Paired next to taller greenery, the screen can be used to section off your terrace to create the extra seclusion you’ve been looking for. (via Angela Marie Made)

4. DIY Outdoor Crate Coffee Table: When you don’t have enough table space, turn to this DIY. The crates serve as the perfect spot to store entertaining essentials and leave plenty of room for more fun goodies on its surface. (via Angela Marie Made)

5. DIY Outdoor Garden Organizer: Section off your outdoor apparel and accessories with a cheap but stylish solution. For a result that works better than any store-bought divider, customize these shelf heights based on your current stash. (via Architecture and Design)

6. Mini Floating Shelves: Pull extra space out of thin air — literally. These floating shelves give you the room you need, without sacrificing any floor space in the process. Plus, we couldn’t think of anywhere better to set a nice, cold, post-work beverage. (via Brit + Co)

7. DIY Storage Planter: Upgrade those outdated terra-cotta pots with something a little more functional. This planter showcases your florals while keeping equipment perfectly tucked away. (via Home Edit)

8. Towel & Toy Storage Unit: Here’s another cool use for crates that only requires a few tools. Use it as a quick option to store essentials like tools and towels. It’ll save Mom lots of time running inside for last-minute items. (via That’s My Letter)

9. Repurposed Tool Holder: Even if you don’t have a green thumb, it’s important to have a handy place to tuck-away outdoor utensils. While the project calls for vintage buckets to holster your items, just about any ol’ container will do. (via Sadie Seasonsgoods)

10. DIY Storage Box Bench: When weary weather rolls in, make sure your linens and throws have a quick home. Thanks to a table saw and some step-by-step instructions, your next storage solution is only a quick cut and seal away. (via Sand and Sisal)

11. DIY Outdoor Buffet: Inspired by a pricey Pottery Barn version, this beginner-friendly outdoor buffet will have you inspired to make more budget-friendly additions to your patio. (via Atta Girl Says)

12. DIY Rolling Cooler Ottoman: Keep things extra chill come summertime. Whether relaxing or pulling out a cold one, here’s a craft to keep close by before your guests arrive. (via Home Depot)

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