November is a time for giving thanks — for our family and friends, for our health, for another season of This Is Us, and for the delicious feast we’re about to spend the next three weeks preparing to eat. Call us superficial, but we’re also pretty grateful for Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and all the other end-of-year deals that are about to hit stores. Girl’s gotta stick to a budget, after all, especially as we approach the holiday season. Our cup overfloweth with sales and discounts this month, and we most definitely do not hate it. Here are just a few of the items you’ll find great prices on over the next few weeks.


1. Candy: The trick-or-treaters have packed up their costumes and treat bags for another year, and so we say goodbye to another candy-heavy holiday. The upside? All the candy that wasn’t sold prior to Halloween is now on sale and ripe for the taking (well, for the buying — but at a low, low price). Go grab all your favorite sweets from your local pharmacy or grocery store. You’re gonna need ’em when things get stressful with family this holiday season.

2. Halloween Costumes and Decorations: This one should hardly come as a surprise. Halloween is behind us, and retailers everywhere want to clear out that precious seasonal space to make room for Christmas tree decorations and holiday cards. Now is the perfect time to get your hands on the kind of non-trendy Halloween costumes and decor that will still be spooky and fun next year. You’ll thank 2017 you for saving 2018 you a few dollars in the October budget.

3. Grills: Gas grills tend to be on deep discount in November, likely because BBQ season is officially closed in most parts of the country. Start setting your sights on the warmer days of next year by scoping out great grill deals now.

4. TVs and Electronics: We probably don’t need to tell you that Black Friday is the day to get the best prices on big-ticket items. If you’re willing to brave the crowds the day after Thanksgiving, you can get your hands on some seriously discounted televisions — just in time to watch your favorite holiday movies!

5. Frozen Pies: Everyone wants to be the Thanksgiving guest who can show up to the feast with a beautiful pie made from scratch, but that doesn’t make it a reality. After all, a fresh pie is no break-and-bake cookie. Supermarkets and big-box stores have your back this month with great deals on frozen pies. (And don’t worry — it can be our little secret.)

6. Food Storage: The aftermath of any good Thanksgiving (or Friendsgiving) celebration usually looks like a straight-up battlefield of leftovers. Retailers are ready to take advantage of your imminent need for aluminum foil, plastic wrap, and tupperware containers with slashed prices on all things food storage. Buy the supplies you need to get through the holidays, along with a few extras to keep you on your meal prep game moving into 2018.

7. Small Appliances: In the market for a new blender, coffeemaker, or other kitchen gadget? Black Friday or Cyber Monday are the perfect days to make those purchases. If you know you’ll be attending lots of bridal showers or weddings in the first half of 2018, check to see if the gift registries are available now so you can get ahead of the game in a budget-friendly way.

8. Pomegranates: If you share Kylie Jenner‘s feelings about pomegranates (ICYMI, she’s obsessed with them), it’s time to run — not walk — to the store for some serious stockpiling. November is the end of the already short season for this seeded fruit, so supermarkets will be trying to unload them fast. If you’re not much for the taste of pomegranates, consider them as decorations for your holiday table.

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(Illustration via Marisa Kumtong)