What’s Halloween without yummy treats? And what are treats without treat bags? Well, they’re still pretty good but we can’t resist a reason to put our DIY hat on in the favor department. These are great as take-home treats for Halloween parties, or to bring into the office for costumed coworkers ;)

1. Muslin Treat Bags: Boo! We love the vintage style of these printable treat bag templates. Simply print and iron onto muslin bags, then fill ’em up with treats. (via Hi Sugar Plum)

2. Fringed Duct Tape Halloween Bags: Now that is some genius duct tape hackery! Turn a few strips of duct tape into fringed trim for your treat bags. These would be perfect for a Dias de los Muertos party. (via Paper & Stitch)

3. Burlap Treat Bags: Don’t these kind of look like Kate Spade might have made them? Those polka dots are just perfect. (via Crafts Unleashed)

4. Felt Pumpkins: If you’ve got a sewing machine, these bags are cinch to make and are sure to make all the kiddos in your neighborhood happy. (via A Spoonful of Sugar Designs)

5. Geometric Ghost Boxes: How cute and Pacman-esque are these? They are definitely are favorite on the list, especially because they’re printable! (via Mr. Printables)

6. Striped Treat Cone: Make cone-shaped treat bags to mix things up, or display them in an ice cream holder as take-home treats for party guests. (via HGTV)

7. Treat Cartons: Ready to get serious about making treat boxes? This tutorial employs a Silhouette to cut perfect templates, but we bet you could do something similar with your good old xacto knife. (via Alderberry Hill)

8. Iron-On Transfer: Another iron-on treat bag, we dig the dark aesthetic of this option. (via Very Sarie)

9. Toxic Treats: Yikes! Create a custom stamp or stencil or just print directly on paper to create tehese bags, stitched together on a sewing machine. (via The Idea Room)

10. Juice Box Monsters: Rinse our a few juice boxes and wrap in funny felt to create these goofy monsters. They could also make cute and quirky centerpieces for a Halloween dinner. (via Crafts by Amanda)

11. Owl Treat Bags: Hoooooo goes there? ;) (via Paper Crave)

12. Sewn Paper Bags: We love that you have to tear these open to get into the treats. Who says Christmas is the only holiday for gift wrap? (via Lil Blue Boo)

13. Pumpkin Pouches: Lastly, adorable pumpkin pouches filled with treats. Simply bunch up orange tissue paper, fill with treats, and bundle at the top into a little pumpkin stem. So simple and brilliant! (via Martha Stewart)

What kind of treats are you giving out (or hoping to get) this Halloween? Tell us your favorites in the comments below.