When she’s not spearheading humanitarian efforts in hurricane-ravaged zones, Bethenny Frankel continues to conquer the world of business. Now, for this boss lady and The Real Housewives of New York star, that includes the women’s denim arena. Frankel recently announced a partnership with storied denim manufacturer One Jeanswear Group to produce SkinnyGirl Jeans in the fall of 2018. We caught up with the cocktail (and snacks, and condiments, and shapewear…) queen at the launch party for the collection to hear more about why she thinks women will want to get in her jeans.

Brit + Co: OK, so why denim and why now?

Bethenny Frankel: Jeans are a very emotional, specific purchase. You have to feel confident. It’s like a bathing suit. I want to deliver on fashion and comfort and embrace women’s positive attributes. Everyone’s a different shape, certain things that bother them, I want to key into what women want. I was able to figure that out in the cocktail industry. I knew exactly what women wanted. And I know that when I’m on a plane I want to wear jeans, I don’t want to look sloppy. I know that when I pick my daughter up from school, I want to wear jeans but I want to feel a little fashionable. I want to be able to wear jeans on a date. I’ve been wearing jeans my whole life, and if you love something you’ll be good at it. I love jeans.

B+C: When you hear the name SkinnyGirl, you tend to think “tiny.” What do you feel your jeans are offering, especially for women who want more support from their denim?

BF: We’re embracing all shapes and sizes and positivity. I’m 47 I have dark circles, grey hair, I don’t always feel good about myself but I pick myself up and I pull it together. I want women to feel good. The models, I asked them all — they were all different shapes and sizes — does that feel comfortable? Would you wear these on a date? We got input along the way. The designers are all women of all different shapes and sizes so it’s a female brand designed by women, marketed to women that understand women.

B+C: So good to hear! What size do the jeans go up to?

BF: The line is literally being shown to buyers this week, but as a starting point, sizing will be 25-32 and 18-24 in plus.

B+C: So, as a mogul, what’s next for you? Any more categories?

BF: I’ve been approached by many categories and I do have ideas but I like to do one thing really well. I think right now this is it and it’s going to be big. I’m very excited about it.

B+C: Most of the line is under $100. How important was it to you that this is affordably priced?

BF: There are jeans out there that are $1000! It’s crazy. If you have a good pair of jeans you’ll wear them every day. So I wanted mine to be affordable but a purchase you take seriously, one that fits well but still delivers on value. I’m a very value oriented person. I’m all about affordable.

B+C: Are there any brands you swear by or aspire to be like?

BF: My showroom is opposite Gloria Vanderbilt and Sonya said, “Did you ever think as a little girl that your showroom would be across from the first woman to put her name on jeans?” I thought that was the most insightful thing anyone’s ever said to me in business — it’s just wild.

(Photos via Cindy Ord/Getty Images for Skinnygirl Jeans)

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