And for our next trick with Target’s totally tricked out wedding registry, we’re pumped to show you how to turn a whole bunch of typical household items into a full-fledged beverage station. What we love about all of these pieces is that they serve about 5 different functions, depending on what room you use them in. Who doesn’t love versatility?

Pssst… are you getting married soon? Then you probably want to register for one, two, or all of these home essentials. Now, onto the party!

1. Crea Craft Table ($214): It all starts with a table. In this case, what could be more fitting than a craft table? You could also use a desk, hallway table, or small kitchen table.

2. Libbey Drinkware ($20 for 12-piece set): If you don’t have a standard set of glassware, register for this basic set of short and tall glasses. Bonus points if you serve orange sippers with blood orange wedges!

3. Cake Stands (in store): Cake stands are a hot commodity here at Brit HQ! These turquoise terra cotta ones are just the right combo of colorful and rustic, and we love the mini one just made for a cupcake.

4. Chalkboard Wine Server ($35): Number your wines and try hosting a blind wine tasting. This would also be a cute display for infused alcohols or other mixers.

5. Folding Bookcase ($90): This darling bookcase was just made for a miniature Snow Cone machine, don’t you think? It folds up easily so is great for temporary storage or display.

6. Chevron Storage Basket ($35): Though this is definitely meant for blankets, laundry, or bedding – why not nestle all your extra beverages right in there too?

7. Beverage Dispenser ($28): The grown-up lemonade stand is a favorite, and this gorgeous jar is just what the doctor ordered. Add cucumbers and basil for a new twist.

8. Snow Cone Maker ($39): Just because summer’s over doesn’t mean snow cone season ever ends. This mini snow cone machine is easy to use and cranks snow cones out quickly. We paired ours with some locally sourced snow cone syrups!

9. Glass Jar ($14): Whether you fill it with lemons, limes, or candy, a big jar like this is a must in the kitchen.

10. Chalkboard Basket ($25): How cute is this basket? And don’t you want to spike all those colorful sippers?

11. Striped Straws ($3): You’ve seen striped straws on every single party hosting blog on the Internet, and you can totally buy them at Target. Win!

12. Ice Bucket (in store): A good ice bucket is a must for any bar set. Simple, classic, and silver is a no-fail way to go.

13. Glass Pitchers (in store): Pitchers add a touch of sophistication to any party, even if you get store-bought lemonade or ice tea to fill them with!

14. Wicker Baskets ($16 each): Who knew waste baskets could double as fruit baskets? We did, of course! ;)

15. White Soda Stream ($100): Last, the newest star on the Soda Stream block: the often-elusive white soda stream. This won’t crowd your countertop too much, and is a must for adding a bit of fizziness to the everyday.

What’s on your home shopping list? Register for any of the items above? Talk to us in the comments below.

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