Is Beyoncé trying to tell us something? Fans certainly think so! When she shared brand new pregnancy pics — that are BEYOND slay-worthy, natch — fans have noticed a specific deet that may have a deeper meaning behind it than you’d first assume. Just like how she may have given us a clue as to her new bebes names, a small yet totally significant detail might in fact mean that Queen B has just dropped the biggest hint about the sex of her twins.


Posting the new pics to her website, we see Bey looking as gorgeous as ever in a form-fitting velvet LBD. Gently holding and sweetly showing off her growing baby bump, as they say, she’s totally glowing.

Her hair is pulled back with chunky strands falling on either side of her face, so it might be a little hard to spot her earrings at first, but trust us — you’re gonna wanna take a closer look at the pair she’s chosen to wear. Let us help you out…

Beyonce _ earrings

Look familiar? Hardcore Beyoncé fans will be able to tell you that those are the same earrings the singer wore in a video back in 2009.

Beyonce _ If I Were a Boy

The video just happened to be for the song “If I Were a Boy.” A boy???

Fans were totally on top of it. “Beyoncé the type to subtly reveal the gender of her babies with earrings 😂😂 Why else is Mrs. Petty rocking the ‘If I Were A Boy’ earrings?” Why indeed?

Granted, she just might really like the earrings and have been in the mood to wear ‘em again, but considering Beyoncé’s penchant for adding brilliant layers and deeper meaning to pretty much everything she does, we wouldn’t be surprised if this clue is totally accurate and we end up meeting two little baby dudes when Bey & Jay’s twins arrive.

Do you think Beyoncé is hinting at the sex of her twins with her earrings? Let us know @BritandCo!

(h/t E!; photo via Christopher Polk/Getty,, screenshot)