We’ve covered awesome gadgets you can buy for your bike. We’ve even given you righteous ways to hang your ride. Oh, and then there was the time we featured bike lights that were anything but lame. And today? Today, our friends, we give you DIY ways to pimp your pedals. Ride on!

1. Porter Crate: At the farmers market, commuting to work, or just tied up to a light post, this easy add is sure to plaster smiles on faces wherever it goes. (via Design Sponge)

2. Flower Garland: We’ve covered baskets before. But they were all missing something: floral garlands. (via Very Merrry)

3. Paint Job: Here’s the scenario: You didn’t know you could customize your wheels, so you went ahead and bought a drab ride, and now, you have serious regrets. Stop regretting, and get on that DIY paint job. On the double! (via A Beautiful Mess)

4. Color Splashed Bike Bell: The splashy blocks of color on this bell cause plenty of reason for alarm. (via Idle Wife)

5. Color Wheel: Remember those kids who put playing cards in their spokes? They were badass. This hack is like that. Except prettier. And more colorful. And less noisy. OMG. Are we getting old? (via Daily Dose Of Imagery)

6. Paint Stir Stick Basket: While you’re at the paint store picking up those chips for your Color Wheel, grab some stir sticks. You’re going to make a basket too. (via Always Rooney)

7. Crochet Skirt Guard: There are a lot of needlework items for bikes out there that are just not so pretty, but spending $5 for this pattern is well worth the money and puts those other projects to shame. (via Ravelry)

8. Mini Bar: We couldn’t find a step-by-step for this must-have item, but if you know your way around a toolbox, we’d love to hear how you did it. Any takers? (via Sami Romansky)

9. Cardboard Box Wine Rack: Here’s another sip-worthy cycling item that’s just waiting to be hacked. Get on it, pedal pushers! (via Francesca Ghigo)

10. Polka Dot Frame: We 100 percent love Public Bike’s polka-dot frame, but it’s currently unavailable, and we don’t really love the price tag. This is a job for sticker dots or even the almighty Sharpie. (Public Bikes)

11. Washi Tape Frame: And here comes another one of our favorite products rolling down the street… and here’s your new washi-ed out ride. (via Hema)

12. Streamers: The wind blowing through your hair is just so much better when it’s accompanied by the sound of streamers, made by the one and only you. (via North Story)

What’s ringing your bike bell? Be a spokes-person in the comments below!