Just because bike lights are a crucial part of cycling safety doesn’t mean they have to look lame on your frame. Whether you’re rocking a trail or riding on the road, these 15 bold and beautiful bike lights will get you noticed so you can concentrate on getting to where you’re going safely and in style.

1. Bike Lane Light ($17): Riding on a road without a bike lane? That’s no problem with this graphic light that projects an outlined bike lane behind you at almost one mile away.

2. Revolights ($229): This sleek lighting system might be the smartest we’ve seen. A fork-mounted magnet and integrated accelerometer provide data to four rings of LED lights attached to your wheels that only glow when they’re oriented at the front or rear of the bicycle. The result is absolutely impressive. Plus, it’ll make your bike look like something straight outta Tron.

3. Wireless Bicycle Turn Signal ($68): Keep both hands on your handlebars as you indicate your next move with this wireless bicycle turn signal. Just push an easy-to-reach button that wirelessly illuminates right or left-pointing arrows on one long light that attaches to your rear frame. The turning signal also beeps to alert close-by commuters.

4. The Defender ($59): The defender is one tough bike light. It’s billed as weather-proof (it has a chrome finish), theft-proof (it locks to your handlebars), city-proof (it provides up to 50 hours of steady light for highly visible commuting), and eerily resembles the barrel of a revolver. So hardcore.

5. Mathmos Bike Wheel Lights ($16): These tiny bike wheel lights make great use of forgotten space. Simply screw this duo onto your wheel valve and pedal to create beautiful beams of colorful light.

6. Magnetic Bike Light ($39): Want a bike light that won’t take any attention away from your flashy steel frame? These modern ones were built with “less is more” in mind. The design is super clean, especially since it securely clings to your frame with magnets.

7. See.Sense. (roughly $57): See.Sense. uses sensor technology to detect where you are and how visible you need to be, and increases its brightness and flash rate to make you more noticeable accordingly. If you thought that wasn’t good enough (and it is!), its features include a widely dispersed light and a gauge to show your remaining runtime. It’s definitely a Kickstarter project worth checking out!

8. Fixed Bike Lights ($140): Don’t ever worry about getting your bike light stolen again! Once these cast metal lights are installed on your whip—either between spacers on your stem or around your seat post—they’re pretty much not going anywhere.

9. Torch Helmet (wait list): We’re obsessed with this helmet that keeps you safe, stylish, and visible during both your morning and evening commutes. This futuristic looking helmet does everything right, except only being available via wait list, of course!

10. Blink Steady ($125): This double beamed bike light may look inconspicuous, but it really is one heck of a light. With a stunning minimal design that secures directly to your seat post, this aluminum light automatically turns on when you pedal and off when you rest. But our favorite feature? Install it one way and it constantly blinks; flip it over, and it’s now a steady stream. Genius!

11. Bookman Bike Lights (roughly $32): It’s no secret that we have a deep infatuation with Legos, so it’s no surprise we’re swooning over these easily detachable bike lights. Not only do they come in a ton of cool colors, but they even stack so you’re visible in multiple directions.

12. MonkeyLectric M210 ($50): This is the ultimate bike light for those who want to be known on the road. Ten wheel-mounted, full-color LEDs provide 360 degree visibility in 16 bright colors that come in 19 crazy themes, like a red and white chevron, or even hearts and polka dots! If that’s not enough color for you, you can upgrade to the next model that shines in 32 colors.

13. Boomer USB Light ($40): Get back to basics with this no-fuss rechargeable bike light. It’s small, it’s made of flexible silicone, and it recharges via USB port. Colorful and convenient, it’s pretty much the perfect bike light for new riders.

14. Fibre Flare ($40): High intensity LEDs light up this cylindrical flare in all directions, providing more than 900 feet of visibility from every angle. Its lean design means that mounting options are versatile—it can even be fastened to your messenger bag, backpack, or jacket!

15. Dynolight ($285): You are the power source with these bike lights that light up using old school technology. A small generator sends your energy to tiny front and rear lights that glow when you go! (and operates at partial brightness for several minutes when you come to a full stop).

What bike light suits your commute best? Do you lean toward the glitzy or simple lights? Tell us in the comments below!