We know you want to ride your bicycle, but how about lugging around all those essentials you need for summer adventures, farmer’s market visits, or your daily commute? We’ve served up the gadgets that make being a biker more safe and efficient, rounded up a whopping 40 accessories for rocking your ride, and now it’s time to help you find baskets, panniers, and bike caddies, oh my!

1. Public Bikes Original Bike Basket ($42): This gorgeous basket is just the thing you need for an adventure in wine country. Stock up on cheese and wines along the way :)

2. Wooden Bike Basket ($80): We dig the rustic, minimal vibe of this bike box.

3. Picnic Bike Basket ($68): Both a picnic basket and a bike basket? Love it!

4. Waxed Canvas Pannier ($189): We love this bag so much, we kind of wish it was a backpack.

5. Classic Bike Basket ($25): This classic bike basket makes us think of summer days, no school, and a whole lot of water balloons.

6. Carrie Bicycle Basket ($89): That’s right. Bike baskets can actually be chic!

7. Top Tube Bike Bag ($30): This carries all of your essentials (phone/wallet/keys) with a little extra space for a sketchbook or iPad mini.

8. Pannier Bike Basket ($79): There’s that double pannier basket we’ve been dreaming of. This would only be more picturesque if it was loaded with baguettes and a flowers.

9. Nantucket Bike Basket ($20): This hot pink number is ready to cruise the festival circuit. Just don’t forget your JammyPack.

10. Envelope Style Bag: ($35): Another one we kind of wish was a clutch! Love the belted white band.

11. Teal + Orange Panniers ($160 for 2): For more heavy duty adventures, go for this waxed canvas polyester blend.

12. Sea Foam Wire Basket ($25): Throw your favorite picnic blanket in here with a batch of Kahlua Pudding Pops, and you’ll be good to go.

13. Tagalong Basket for Dogs ($68): For your pup!!! This boasts a removable sunshade for hot days and sheepskin layer for the chilly ones. Too cute.

14. Convertible Crocheted Basket + Bag ($63): This doubles as a bag as well as a basket – love the convertibility.

15. Basket Pannier ($85): Last, a classic basket that already has all the goods you need for a warm weather excursion. Golden Gate Park, here we come!

Do you ride a bike in the summertime? All year round? What are your biking essentials? Talk to us in the comments below.