When I got engaged back in 2017, I didn’t realize that I was embarking on a year of making a whole lot of decisions. Indoor ceremony or outdoor ceremony? Local wedding or destination? Beef, fish, or vegetarian? (Trick question on the last one. The answer is all three.) Some decisions were easy. Choosing my wedding gown was actually one of the first things I checked off my list, but when it came time to figure out how I wanted my bridesmaids to look, I hit that proverbial planning wall. One pin on Pinterest became two… hundred… and you get the picture.

As for the *lewk* I was going for, there were a couple of things I felt strongly about. First of all, I knew I wanted one style that would be flattering on a variety of body types since each of my friends is unique. Second, I wanted to keep the price as reasonable as possible. As someone who has been in a number of weddings, I know the number-one pain point of being part of the wedding party is how much of a bank account drain it can be. As happy as I might be for my friend, I can’t help but cringe when looking at the some of the price tags. Third, I wanted my bridesmaids to love the dress and feel good about themselves during my nuptials. Altogether, it was a lot to ask of a simple gown.

After months of decision paralysis (it’s a real thing, look it up), I found the solution. Or rather, the solution found me. Birdy Grey, an online startup for bridesmaid gowns that I had seen in my Google searches, reached out to me. Curious and kind of struck by just how timely their email was, I decided to do further research into their model.

Founded by fashion editor-turned-entrepreneur Grace Lee in 2017, every single dress on the site is $99. Lee, who has worked for Kate Spade New York and InStyle, is well-versed in just how expensive the bridesmaid role is (she’s been one SIX times!). Tired of throwing away hundreds on a dress that most people, let’s be honest, only wear once, she founded Birdy Grey — and THANK GOODNESS.

The site now boasts 14 different styles, including four convertible options. The one that ended up catching my eye was the convertible Tulle Christina Dress ($99), which is available in nine colors. You can order swatches ahead of your big day to double-check on the hue and materials.

The best part is that each of my bridesmaids can style the dress according to her tastes because the Christina can be worn nine different ways. My four bridesmaids could do a costume change before the reception without duplicating styles, which is amaze. And on the off chance that the fit isn’t ideal, you can always exchange within 14 days. Birdy Grey even has a handy dandy page that teaches you how to perfectly measure yourself for your bridesmaid dress. They’ve made the process so easy — which to any bride-to-be is the magic word — and I know my ladies are going to look STUNNING when they’re standing next to me. (FYI for any stressed out brides out there: The groomsmen are renting from The Black Tux.) You’re welcome.

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(Photo via Birdy Grey)