When you have twins, birthday parties become double the fun. But finding the perfect cake for two not-so-like-minded kiddos? That might be double the trouble. To find the most fitting cake, try thinking outside the box and take inspo from these creative masterpieces. From baseball to a superhero/princess duo, your kiddos will have the best birthday ever — times two.


1. Carnival: Are your twins dying to be carnies? Bring the best of the carnival home with this tiered cake. Popcorn, pretzels, lollipops and their names in circus confetti — this cake is a definite winner. (via Txanjel)


2. Thing One + Thing Two: If your twins are double trouble, a Thing One and Thing Two cake is a must. Now all you have to do is find some blue wigs and red jumpsuits, and your twins’ party has reached new levels. (via The Cake and the Giraffe)


3. Baseball: After you take your boys to the ball game, surprise them with a baseball cake featuring the teams they love to root, root, root for. It’ll taste much better than peanuts and Cracker Jacks, that’s for sure. (via Sugar Sugar Cake Designs)


4. Paint Can: Let the kids paint the town on their birthday with this cute boy/girl cake. (via Madeline Tips)


5. Superhero + Princess: Princess or Superhero? Superhero or princess? Your twins don’t have to choose with this delicious creation. Spider-Man can scale the walls on one side while the princess dances the night away on the other. (via RoseyRod)


6. Circus Cake: Having a circus-themed party? Pitch that pin-striped tent right on top of the cake, because Barnum & Bailey’s got nothing on your twins. (via Jsouth82)


7. Pirates and Mermaids: A boy/girl cake doesn’t always have to be blue and pink. We love that this cake comes together into one perfect scene, instead of splitting your kiddos’ interests in two. (via Blue Cupcake)


8. Makeup + Spiderman: Who knew Spiderman and makeup could look so good together? This cake proves that even if your twins have totally different interests, there’s always a way to find some common ground. (via @pro cakes)

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