Oh, Blake Lively. She may be one half of Hollywood’s most adoring couple, but she also knows how to kick up controversy. Not only did she get married on a plantation (yep, she really did) and cause a firestorm with her Oakland booty comment, but now she’s raising eyebrows by claiming she’s Cherokee (granted, she’s not alone; Miley Cyrus, Johnny Depp, Cher and Bill Clinton have all said the same). Any bets on Blake being the descendent of a Cherokee princess?

Appearing in a recent L’Oréal commercial, Blake spins and smiles for the camera while explaining that she’s “English, Irish, German and Cherokee.” Now, she may in fact have a Cherokee background and some say she’s “revealing” and “celebrating” her “diversity,” but plenty of peeps feel that there’s no way Blake should be claiming that heritage (even in part), especially not for an ad.

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(h/t The Hollywood Gossip; photo via Michael Loccisano/Getty)