It seems like 2015 was the year designers realized we don’t just need our underwear to look pretty — it actually needs to fit too. And not just thin women, either, but a range of sizes and shapes. From underwear lines designed to replace tampons to Victoria’s Secret finally designing a sports bra for ladies with bigger boobs, our undergarment options are definitely opening up. And we, for one, are pumped about it. So we’re featuring six of our fave body-positive companies that also happen to be making super gorgeous lingerie. You’re welcome.


1. Lonely Label: With models of all shapes, sizes, ethnicities and body-hair preferences, New Zealand brand Lonely Label is killin’ it in the lingerie and swimwear game. Their spring 2016 campaign was refreshingly authentic and also featured their very pretty little things.


2. Dear Kate: Tired of lingerie companies conveniently ignoring the fact that their customers have periods? Then Dear Kate is definitely the company for you. With absorbent technology built right in, you’ll never have to wear ugly period underwear again.


3. Neon Moon: This Kickstarter-backed feminist lingerie company covers all the good-for-humanity bases. They’re sweatshop-free, objectification-free, Photoshop-free and sexualization-free. What more could you ask for?


4. Nubian Skin: Ever noticed how “nude” undies are really only nude for white women? Nubian Skin is founded on the premise that every lingerie-wearer should have a basic nude set, including women of color. They also just launched a plus-size line of hosiery — showing that they truly celebrate every size.


5. & Other Stories: This clothing and accessories brand made headlines in December when it featured a model with armpit hair. Because, spoiler alert, women have body hair too. The campaign also featured “real women,” not models, with scars, tattoos and birthmarks. Instead of airbrushing out these “flaws,” & Other Stories celebrated women for what they really look like.


6. Feminist Style: This company’s undies are designed to start conversations about consent. With lines written on them like “only yes means yes” and “ask me what I like ;)” they’re a cheeky (literally) way to bring up the topic with your partner.

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