First impressions are everything. So when Bri Emery, the blogger behind the colorful site DesignLoveFest, wanted to revamp her entryway, she teamed up with Behr Paint to find the perfect palette. On the wishlist? A color that was a departure from her traditional style but still felt laid-back and cool. The answer was Behr’s 2018 Color of the Year, In the Moment. The gender-neutral blue/green/gray hue came at just the right time: Emery’s S.O. had just moved in, and she wanted to evolve her brights-heavy aesthetic to create a welcoming space that reflected both of them. We caught up with Emery to talk color trends and taking style leaps. Keep scrolling for more on her inspirations and to get a preview of her fresh new foyer.

Emery’s brand, in a word, is “colorful” — and until her BF moved in last June, her space reflected that. “I’ve been transforming one room at a time to reflect our style as a couple, and purging the pink to incorporate a more neutral palette and a mature, sophisticated vibe,” says Emery. And getting the entryway just right was a priority. “We spend a lot of time entertaining and cooking meals with friends at home, so I wanted to make sure the first place guests see would be well-curated, cool, and inviting,” she says.

For inspiration, the designer reflected on a recent trip to Paris. Croissants and crêpes aside, Emery was most impressed by her stay at Art Deco-influenced The Hotel Saint-Marc. “The Saint-Marc combines feminine and masculine design elements; chic, bold shapes like stripes and circles; and interesting colors. It simply made me feel relaxed,” she says. Back home, the blogger began looking for ways to infuse Parisian style into her home: “I started looking for stronger hues that were richer than my usual happy palette of bright white and pink — colors like rust, black, burgundy, and deep green. I wanted the space to have a sense of confidence!”

That’s where the paint came in. “We decided to use In the Moment on all four walls and up above to amp up the intensity of the color and infuse some sophisticated drama to the entryway,” she says. Of course, the resurgence of richer colors in recent trends was a factor too. “Overall, I’m seeing darker, moodier colors come back into style — even in rooms that are traditionally more subdued like nurseries, and in small spaces like bathrooms. Dark doesn’t have to be scary, and I love seeing people take risks with color,” says Emery.

Emery wants to encourage others to follow her lead. “Paint is such an easy way to bring bold color into your home, because it’s cost-effective and can always be painted over if you’re not in love with the result,” she says. If our home turns out to be anything like hers? Consider us totally on board.

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(Photos via Bri Emery)