We all want to be more productive and get things done, but most of us don’t really know how. Do you want to know the real secret to improving your productivity?

You need a personal mission statement! Because once you understand the “why” behind your goals, you can better prioritize opportunities, ideas and work. If that seems a little ambiguous right now, don’t fret. Motivational speaker and writer Maxie McCoy is here to show you how to bring productive habits into your life with a new online class.


In collaboration with Levo, Maxie’s online class will arm you with tools to create a productive lifestyle in 2017. By the end of her course, you’ll know how to:

  1. Develop your personal mission statement and use the SMART recipe to set goals
  2. Practice single-task time management skills to prioritize tasks
  3. Create actionable to-do lists (that are not overwhelming!)
  4. Use your new productive habits to work smarter, not harder — and get more done!

In addition to learning valuable time management and productivity skills, you’ll also unlock a 12-page workbook created by Maxie that includes:

  • Three important steps to follow to create a personal mission statement
  • A worksheet to plan out three career-driving goals and make sure they’re SMART
  • A guide to help you manage your time like a boss
  • A guide to help you handle your daily, weekly and monthly to-do lists
  • Tips and tricks on how to keep productive habits moving forward

It’s time for a new, more productive YOU! Turn your ideas into actions, and let’s make those dreams become a reality in 2017.

So what are you waiting for? Enroll in How to Boost Your Productivity class today!

Did you pre-order for the class? Access to the Levo Courses offered will only be available to anyone who pre-ordered for this class between December 29, 2016 and January 2, 2017. Be on the lookout for an email from Levo! Brit + Co will also randomly select three early enrollees (who signed up for the class during this timeframe) to enjoy TWO business courses for FREE!