When you’re having a bummer of a day and you need a quick way to treat yourself, a Starbucks Frappucino is usually the way to go. But every time we’re sipping on a Cherry Blossom Frappuccino or a classic mocha, we can’t help but think, “Damn, this would taste great with a splash of alcohol.” Because we’re grownups and we like our sugary beverages to be spiked, okayyy?! While the “add shots” Starbucks offers aren’t exactly the kind we’re after, one store in Japan is (sort of) creating what our caffeine cravings have always wished for.


At a Starbucks location in Tokyo today, they rolled out “Starbucks Evenings,” offering a special alcoholic frap for one night only. Apparently, Starbucks Evenings is something we already have in close to 70 Starbucks stores in the US (side note: Googling and headed here for happy hour ASAP) but this will be the first international expansion of the after-hours expansion. While the stateside Starbucks Evenings offer small plates, wine and beer, the Tokyo version created something called a “Wine Fraggino” for the opening. Basically, it’s described as a blended cocktail of blueberry wine and ice. Uh, wow. Delish.

We’d say this isn’t technically a frappuccino because fraps tend to have coffee in them, but TBH, many of the new blended beverages the food chain has rolled out over the last year have really been more like glorified milkshakes. And if one of those blended concoctions wants to include booze, we’re 100 percent down for that.

Editor’s note: The “Wine Fraggino” is not officially a Frappuccino or part of the Frappuccino portfolio. WE REPEAT, THIS IS NOT A REAL FRAPP PPL.

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