How are you supposed to embark on a weekend of brews and BBQ without the perfect bottle opener? Well, as luck would have it, we've rounded up 16 cool, quirky, and creative bottle openers for you to choose from.

1. Bottle Opener iPhone Case ($35): We'll kick off this roundup with the heaviest hitter of the bunch. The Opena Bottle Opener iPhone Case. Brought to you by the same clever blokes who served up the Playa Case, this is the ultimate beer lover's iPhone accessory.

2. Cast Iron Tool Bottle Openers ($25 each): We love these! They're as tough as they are sweet. Great for a opening up beers after a day of housework.

3. Road Popper ($112): We don't recommend drinking and biking, but if you've made your way to your destination and need a cool breeze of refreshment, this road popper is just what the doctor ordered.

4. Bottle Biner ($15): This one is a bottle opener and a corkscrew! Ideal for the outdoorsman (or outdoorswoman!), this clips on to any backpack just like a regular carabiner.

5. Ring Bottle Opener ($8): Apparently quite a few dudes have been down to use their wedding ring to open up a bottle of Bud. If you don't have a wedding band or aren't up for the risk of chippage, grab this Ring Opener and be on your way.

6. Credit Card Bottle Opener ($11): If you're not big on keychains or flip flops, slide this sleek opener into you wallet alongside your credit cards.

7. One-Handed Bottle Opener ($25): Based on a classic 1930s design, the Kebo is the ultimate one-handed bottle opener. No more worrying about your bottle tipping over or putting down the phone to open your bottle of brew.

8. Bikini Bottle Opener ($37 per piece): A bikini after our beer-drinking hearts. This would definitely fit right in with our Geek Chic Swimwear series, and either piece would be a great addition to any existing mismatched bikinis you might have. The top has an opener smack dab in the middle of the front, and the bottom has one on the hip.

9. Brass Bottle Openers ($40-$65): Bottle openers with a design aesthetic? Yes. These are real, gorgeous, and crafted at a 114 year old foundry in Japan. Each design as a different polish and look are made out of solid brass.

10. Wooden Nail Bottle Opener ($20): Minimalist and conjuring up questions of "Why didn't I think of that?" as goods at the MoMA store are won't to do, this wooden nail bottle opener would like right at home in a wood shop, garage, or backyard.

11. Casino Bottle Opener ($14 ): You're an Ace, and you're always ready to open a bottle of the good stuff for your opponents.

12. USB Flash Drive Opener ($20): This is definitely on odd one, but maybe you can keep all your favorite beer-soaked memories on such a flash drive?

13. Fanning Flip Flop ($46): We've all heard of the wine opening shoe trick, but what about opening a bottle of beer with your flip flop? Thanks to Reef's Fanning Flip Flop, dreams can come true.

14. Makr Bottle Key ($11): If you're looking for a more discreet way to always be prepared, check out Makr's carefully cut Bottle Opener Key. Blends perfectly in with all the keys on your keychain, and always ready to party.

15. Crow Bottle Opener ($28): Ca-caw! This one is a looker, and could easily be a permanent piece in your kitchenscape.

16. Ctrl+O Bottle Opener ($15): In case you missed our assortment of geeky housewares last week, this nerdtastic bottle opener is what inspired today's post. Now, if only there was a Ctrl+Z for after the bottles are empty. ;)

And if you open one too many bottles of beer, feel free to whip up a batch of Cappuccino Stout Brownies. Happy Beer-ing!